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Based on the international bestselling book You Are Your Own Gym; The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises. Using nothing but your own body, elite Special Operations trainer Mark Lauren has created short, incredibly convenient workouts that simultaneously build strength and endurance while giving you a lasting fat burning boost.

This app includes the Novice Ladders and Novice Timed Sets videos. The Intermediate and Advanced video apps can be purchased separately and integrate with this app to provide access to the complete training system on your Android device.

This nine workout training system progresses through three stages of difficulty - Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced - with three total-body workouts per level. Making use of systematic changes to intensity and volume, these workouts will keep you challenged at just the right level, ensuring you the best body of your life, injury free.

The videos included in this app are downloaded from Google Play when you install the app. No need to stream video over wi-fi when you work out. The app works in portrait or landscape mode so you can orient your device to watch the workout videos in the way that suits you best.

Let Mark Lauren teach you how to use the most advanced fitness machine ever created - your own body!

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Launched Jun 17, 2013 (about 6 years ago).
Jun 16
Version 1.17

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This update fixes the integration issue with the Novice Circuit Training video and updates the links to the Google Play Store.