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In your kitchen, don’t mess with math. Do math with KitchenMath. KitchenMath is a cooking utility with three main features such as cooking unit conversion, temperature conversion, and serving temperature.

1. Cooking Unit Conversion
- How quickly can you convert between cooking units using a normal calculator? KitchenMath can make your cooking life easier and faster. It will convert between various cooking measurements in a few seconds.
- Do you want to know how many grams are for a cup of all-purpose flour when you try to bake something? How about a can of coconut milk for Asian food? KitchenMath has more than 380 cooking ingredients data for converting between volume and weight units. You don’t need to figure out the density of your ingredients. They are already there.
- Do you want to know how different between US and UK cooking units are? KitchenMath supports converting between US and UK cooking units. You can easily convert from US units to UK and vice versa.

2. Temperature Conversion
- Do you want to convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius? And even gas mark? KitchenMath can calculate between these three temperature units quickly and precisely.

3. Serving Temperature
- Do you want to know the perfect serving temperature for your favorite meat? KitchenMath shows you a recommended serving temperature from USDA.

♦ Main Features

- Supports various cooking units.
23 volume units:
teaspoon(US), tablespoon(US), fluid ounce(US), gill(US), cup(US), pint(US), quart(US), gallon(US), milliliter, liter, pinch, dash, drop, shot, jigger, teaspoon(UK), tablespoon(UK), fluid ounce(UK), gill(UK), cup(UK), pint(UK), quart(UK), gallon(UK)
5 weight units:
ounce, pound, milligram, gram, kilogram

- Supports volume to volume, weight to weight, and volume to weight.

- Supports more than 380 cooking ingredients data from USDA.

- Converts between US and UK cooking units.

- Converts between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and gas mark.

- Recommended serving temperature for your favorite meat from USDA.

- Supports preference setting to US or UK in the setting menu.

♦ References

- Cooking ingredient data

- Serving temperature

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Launched Apr 27, 2011 (about 9 years ago).
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