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Johnson Controls invented the room thermostat 135+ years ago. With your family's health and energy savings in mind, we reinvented it with the remotely controlled GLAS.

The GLAS app creates a seamless experience between your thermostat and mobile device. Ensure the comfort of your spaces from anywhere by changing your temperature preferences, adjusting your schedule, setting your modes, and viewing the current air quality.

Control all of the most important features with the GLAS app:

- Follow a guided walk-through for easy installation
- Access and control your GLAS device from anywhere
- Adjust heating and cooling modes and temperatures
- Use voice control to manage your thermostat from your mobile device
- Create indoor comfort regardless of outdoor weather and air quality
- View your indoor and outdoor air quality with details
- Schedule events or vacations and edit existing schedules
- Auto-adapt your home’s heating and cooling based on the actual timing of your daily routines
- See energy usage and savings for the last seven days
- Receive notifications for poor air quality and HVAC maintenance reminders
- Manage and control more than one GLAS thermostat and multiple locations

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Version History

Launched Jun 10, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Oct 15
Version 1.2.76

Added feature to receive the Ohm Connect events for energy savings

Bug fixes

Sep 17
Version 1.2.75

Your GLAS update includes:
FCU model features SiO2-01100 (toggled by model number)
Commercial-ready features that include displaying Occupied / Unoccupied / Standby mode, rather than Home / Away / Sleep mode
Commercial Coachmark changes for FCU
Commercial Schedule changes
Wiring and equipment verification options
Enable Fan speed selection (when applicable) as low, medium or high on Control View
Ability to sign up as Canada user
Edit/Update the Postal Code from Settings option
Minor Bug fixes

Aug 21
Version 1.2.74

Your GLAS update includes:

Commercial-ready features that include Occupied /Unoccupied /Standby mode, coachmarks, wiring and equipment verification options, and (when applicable) enable fan speed selection (low, medium, high) on Control View
Resolves a crash when tapping into Energy Savings before any energy savings data has been collected and handles a crash when user with existing account attempts to sign in with a new account after screen timeout
Delivers new weather connectivity

Apr 14
Version 1.2.36

With this update, we're bringing you new features, including Hold and Coachmarks. This version:

Allows GLAS to hold a temperature to override your schedule.

Provides coachmarks to get you started faster and introduce you to new features

Resolves connectivity issues, increases ease of use for air quality functions, and brings various bug fixes that will improve your daily interactions with your GLAS smart thermostat app and functionality between your device and app.

Dec 07
Version 1.2.18

With this update, we're delivering crash and bug fixes to help you better control your GLAS smart thermostat from your app.

Nov 11
Version 1.2.11

With this update, we're improving your online/offline experience. This version also brings you some navigational updates and bug fixes to help you better control your GLAS smart thermostat from your app.

Aug 05
Version 1.0.98

You can now use your app to guide your GLAS smart thermostat installation and return to this installation walkthrough at any time to set up another GLAS or verify your installation.

Various bug fixes and performance improvements to simplify your user experience.

Jun 09
Version 1.0.80

Initial release

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