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This app gives you instructions to perfectly align a antenna with a satellite by using your hand. It provides a rotor interface for hamlib compatible applications like gpredict. Simply attach your smartphone to a directional antenna and point it to the sky. By aligning the crosses you will get the best reception.

Instructions to track a satellite (with gpredict):

* Setup a rotor in gpredict using the IP of your smartphone and the port 4533
* Open the app on your smartphone
* Track a satellite in gpredict and connect to the rotor
* Attach your smartphone to the antenna (The back of the device points to the target)
* Try to align the black cross with the red cross

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SatTrack screenshot 1SatTrack screenshot 2

Version History

Launched Aug 31, 2015 (over 3 years ago).
Aug 30
Version 1.0


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