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iWishSecret · The Law of Attraction app. Make a wish the right way, and it will come true!
Take three simple steps, clear and open to everybody – and any Your wish will start to come true in six months!

Why don't our dreams come true? It happens because the majority of people have no idea, how to make a wish CORRECTLY.
You can get absolutely everything – even if it seems impossible! You can create your life in a way that meets your wishes and the path you've chosen. Every religious book, every great philosophical treatise, every spiritual leader ever lived tell us about it.
The main thing is to define your wishes CORRECTLY!
IWichSecret is a culmination of centuries-old experience of philosophers, sages and founders of different philosophical and religious doctrines. It's a wisdom of people, who have already got health, wealth and happiness. iWishSecret is a Law of Attraction. It's THREE STEPS, simple and clear to EVERYONE.

You don't have to make the exact plan of your actions and spend your time, trying to realize it.
Make 3 simple steps with iWishSecret – and the Universe will fulfill your wish.

1.DEFINE, what you wish most of all. Is it difficult to shape it? With the help of the leading questions of iWishSecret you'll easily do it. Is it difficult to find the answer for the question? Choose it from the list of possible variants of iWishSecret. Improve your dream by adding extra information.
2.FORMULATE your wish CORRECTLY. Does this seem difficult? iWishSecret will show you step-by-step, how to do it.
3.VISUALIZE the wish - create the picture of it with iWishSecret. Add photos, pictures, phrases and music – everything related to your dream!

The only thing you need to do is to spend 5-10 minutes every day to remind yourself of the wish and feel it! With iWishSecret you can set reminders to visualize your wish as often as you need!
It's the only thing your result depends on! It's a way the Universe will help you!

Share your wishes with friends, family and even the whole world on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and E-mail!

In iWishSecret you`ll find:
•Detailed tips on every step of making a wish;
•Wise quotations, thoughts and the best about the Law of Attraction;

With the assistance of iWishSecret you'll:
•Find out what you want and get it easily;
•Acquire health, wealth, perfect relations;
•Find in the sea of information the quickest and simplest way to your dream.
•Bring back your self – confidence;
•Acquire YOUR happiness.

It's the Law of Attraction and that works always and everywhere!

Using the lite version you can make only one wish.

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Special thanks to: Walter Fertl, Aaron Cope, Maurice Yungmann, Vital Voronovich.

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Launched Aug 06, 2014 (over 4 years ago).
Aug 05
Version 1.4


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