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SweetBlue Toolbox is a tool which allows you to scan, connect, and bond to BLE devices using iDevices' SweetBlue Library (www.idevicesinc.com/sweetblue). You can also explore each device's Bluetooth services, characteristics, and descriptors.

This new version of SweetBlue Toolbox uses version 3.0 of SweetBlue, the iDevices Android™ Bluetooth® Smart Library.


* Scan for BLE devices
* View advertisement data
* Connect to device(s)
* Bond to device(s)
* Discovers services, characteristics, and descriptors
* Read/Write Characteristics
* Parses services/characteristics/descriptors that are in the Bluetooth spec
* Settings can be configured easily, and applied real-time
* Import SweetBlue config settings
* Export SweetBlue config file for easy integration into your app using SweetBlue
* Device information on the device running the app (OS, Manufacturer, linux kernel version, etc)

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Version History

Launched May 10, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jul 19
Version 3.2.14

Update to SweetBlue version 3.2.3

Oct 23
Version 3.2.4

Fixed some crash bugs
Updated to latest SweetBlue version

Aug 25
Version 3.0.49

Updated to latest SweetBlue version 3.2.0

Sep 11
Version 3.0.14

Update to official 3.0.0 SweetBlue release
Bug fixes

Aug 13
Version 3.0.7

Bug fixes
Update to latest version 3 beta

May 09
Version Varies with device

SweetBlue Toolbox v3 beta release.

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