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TremWatch(TM) provides a complete hand tremor measurement, and logging solution

10% of the proceeds from sales of TremWatch(TM) are donated to the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Please visit http://multiplesystematrophy.org to learn more.

TremWatch (TM) allows you to:

- Measure Tremors in your left and right hands

- Distinguish the direction your hand tremor is in (ie. does it tend to move more side to side, forward & backwards, or up and down)

- Compare differences & log data over time

- Compare multiple separate measurements side by side

- Frequencies measured from 0 Hz - 25 Hz (samples taken at 50 Hz)

- Graphs auto scale for smaller amplitude measurements

-TremWatch(TM) resizes to fit phones, tablets & other devices

- Export data for archival or use in other software

Graphs include:

- Tremor Amplitude vs. Frequency for combined tremors

- Tremor Amplitude vs. Frequency in separate graphs for each direction X,Y & Z. This allows you to see if your hand movement is mostly sideways, forwards/backwards, or up/down.

- Tremor Raw Data (Acceleration vs Time)

- Multiple measurements can be seen as graphs side by side for comparison between each hand, measurement dates, etc.

* TremWatch(TM) is for educational purposes only and not for medical diagnosis or treatment. Please contact your health professional if you have any concerns regarding tremors.

Over 10 million people in the US deal with hand tremors - and a larger number world wide.

Tremors can be have many different causes, including Parkinson's disease, Multiple System Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Orthostatic tremor, stroke, brain injury, and other neurodegenerative diseases. Other causes range from the use of some drugs (such as amphetamines, corticosteroids, as well as drugs for certain psychiatric disorders), alcohol abuse or withdrawal, mercury poisoning, over-active thyroid, or liver failure. Some types of tremor are inherited and run in families, others have no known cause such as Essential Tremor.

Tremors often begin years, or decades before they're noticed. However people don't have a good way to track what is going on, or what makes their symptoms worse.

If someone asks you: “How long have you had that tremor?” or “Has your tremor gotten worse?” It's very hard to say, because it's difficult to notice subtle changes over time.

TremWatch(TM) is for personal education and not for medical diagnosis*. It offers an easy way to track what is going on, learn more about their own responses. TremWatch(TM) helps you see how coffee, stress, lack of sleep, or medications seem to affect your tremors.

TremWatchTM is the first module in a suite of integrated wellness enhancement tools. A more advanced statistical analysis package is also in development. It will provide ongoing monthly charts of changes in tremor amplitude, frequency and other information. This tool will archive your data and run on multiple platforms.

A research version of TremWatchTM will be available for health professionals conducting studies. This version includes other features including real time encrypted data upload. If you are a researcher in this area, please feel free to contact us.

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