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Will your plants get the right amount of sunlight??

Stop Guessing!

Sun And Shade Analyzer (SASHA) is an app which quickly analyzes a location and tells you the average hours of direct sunlight it will get, taking into consideration shading foliage, buildings, etc.

SASHA helps the you to scan sun’s path across the sky by means of on-screen augmented reality indicators. During this scan, images are captured of any obstructions which would block direct sun light from reaching your device. SASHAanalyzes these images, superimposing the sun’s paths, and determines whether or not any of these obstructions would block direct sunlight from reaching your device.

You are then presented with the average number of hours of direct sunlight that would strike your location during the chosen date range. By default, the date range used is the local growing season based on your GPS location; however, you can set any value from 2 days to a year.

Save time, save money! SASHA will quickly repay you with thriving plants and reduced frustration!

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Version History

Launched Oct 07, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Oct 15
Version 1.4.2-paid-release

Fix: Some devices do not default white-balance to daylight, causing erroneous readings.
Add: menu>advanced options>send diagnostics when done. Allows user to send detailed diagnostic info to developer.

Jul 03
Version 1.2.0-paid-release

Add screen to encourage subscription.
Add screen to explain crash mail.
Tweak process termination.
Declare Magnetic & Acceleration sensors as required in manifest.

Apr 30
Version 1.1.0-paid-release

Add screen to encourage subscription.
Add screen to explain crash mail.
Tweak process termination.

Jan 13
Version 1.0.4 -paid-release

warn user if nearest weather station too far for reliable date interval.

Jan 07
Version 1.0.2 -paid-release

Increase sensitivity for overcast days.

Oct 20
Version 1.0.1-paid-release

Prohibit devices without magnetometer.

Oct 07
Version 0.9.24-paid-release

fix defaultFromDate issue

Oct 06
Version 0.9.23-paid-release

Compatible with release variants.
Fixed "config cant find field"
Known issues: spurious red line; Nexus 5 restarts fail.

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