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Through the mobile app « HDR real estate », you will realize with a single click (automatically) professionals HDR pictures with your mobile (with a tripod or not).

Real concentrate of « artificial intelligence », shoots and photographic’s treatments, the app execute a set of software features (in actual time), which enables an excellent professional HDR picture.

In a single click the app « HDR real estate », will activate:
- A vision function, that analyse the environment to shoot, the lights, the difficult points, etc
- Horizontal management, during shooting
- Choice of the best algorithm braketing-fusion-tone mapping
- A Bracketing (X pictures taken) function, in underexposure and overexposure
- Taking a photo without a tripod (thanks to is intelligent realignment). When shooting freehand, the photos are misaligned, it is then that our powerful algorithms propose solutions of realignments very effective.
- A function HDR fusion of the X pictures into an only one, with a deconstructing of the under and over exposure, and that keep the best part of each picture
- Tone mapping, coherent reconstruction of contrasts and colorimetry.
- A function of management of the horizontal position during the shooting
- A function of filter in order to increase the light, contrast, colour,…
- A function of conversion and of formatting pictures (jpeg, etc) in order to exploit them on the web or on paper (HD)
- A cloud that keep your picture and transmit it on Internet
Without any manipulation or any setting from you, the app will give you at the end of the shooting a professional HDR picture!

Wide angle - "computational lens" with an artificial intelligence process
- As a first step, take 3 pictures differentiated by X degrees angle. Once the 3 pictures are taken, we merge them thanks to our powerful algorithm of remarkable points correspondence, so that we restore a wide-angle photo without deformation.

The application HDR Real Estate is free of charge. Fee-for-service.

(Note that you need a tripod to fully exploit HDR Real Estate)

Try it for free, because some features may not be available and depend on your hardware version.

Web: www.360vues.com/HDR/

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Version History

Launched Nov 04, 2017 (about 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 12
Version 1.2.1

Bug Fixes.

Feb 10
Version 1.2.0

Dec 19
Version 1.1.9

logo changed, better brightness

Nov 29
Version 1.1.8

bug fixes, brighter photos.

Nov 19
Version v.2017.11.20


Nov 16
Version v.2017.11.16


Nov 15
Version v.2017.11.15

Fixed focus

Nov 09
Version v.2017.11.10

Optimisations and bug fixes.

Nov 04
Version v.2017.11.05

Fixed bug with Samsung S6+

Nov 04
Version v.2017.11.04

New application HDR Real Estate.

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