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Hdmi connector for phone to tv app allows you to connect smartphone to TV to be a second screen for your phone by HDMI cable and mhl or vga to HDMI cable as well as card readers from your phone or tablets. All you have to do is connect the TV with an HDMI cable to read the phone information or connect the TV with the same HDMI cable as your smart phone then open this android software hdimi you will see all the files in your phone and you can enjoy watching TV or playing games on tv or watching movies on tv, please consider hdmi USB connector to TV connector with usb cable.
you can also display your tablet screen on TV using the HDMI cable if it has HDMI output.
How to use?
The following features are available:

- No root,you can use our startup tool from a computer to enable
screen mirroring.
- Mirroring, screen sharing to multimedia players such as VLC, XBMC / KODI, OBS (Open
Broadcaster Software), and others ...
- Mirroring, screen sharing to internet browsers
- Draw on the screen during the mirroring (perfect for your presentations)
- Compatible with the shared network of your device (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB)
- Many parameters to optimize performance and quality
- Multiple devices can connect at the same time
How to use
To scan a code simply open the app and frame the code into the viewfinder. After that, move the phone in order to keep the code in the moving viewfinder. The HDMI Premium Cable App will automatically recognize the product, and confirm that you have an HDMI Premium Cable product.
Use your phones IR blaster to change inputs on your Audio switcher;
you can use :
* vga cable
* mhl adpter
* micro usb otg
* hdmi 2.0
* multi usb port
* hdtv adapter
* hdmi cable
* android hdmi
* micro usb to hdmi adapter
* usb key
All you have to do is connect the wifi drive/ flash drive to an cable then plug in the micro USB connector of your tablet,
The home screen widget allows quick switching of video sources without needing to open the app;
Compatible with 2 and 4 input switchers;
Also allows you to toggle the power on your switcher;

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HDMI Connector(usb/mhl/wifi/hdmi) screenshot 1HDMI Connector(usb/mhl/wifi/hdmi) screenshot 2HDMI Connector(usb/mhl/wifi/hdmi) screenshot 3HDMI Connector(usb/mhl/wifi/hdmi) screenshot 4

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Launched Oct 06, 2018 (4 months ago).
Dec 30
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Oct 06
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