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The luminous, otherworldly illustrations in these Love & Light cards are evocative of God's Kingdom and childhood dreams. They are paired with words of wisdom to light your path today. Each of the 44 cards features a captivating image, devotional topic or blessing, and relevant scripture verse to inspire you to connect with God's magnificence and the bounty of creation, as well as your own inner child.

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Doreen Virtue graduated from Chapman University with two degrees in counseling psychology. A former psychotherapist, Doreen now gives online workshops on topics related to her books and card decks. She’s the author of Mornings with the Lord, The Art of Raw Living Food, Veggie Mama and Loving Words from Jesus cards, among many other works. She has appeared on Oprah, CNN, the BBC, The View, and Good Morning America and has been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Raised by her parents in New Thought religion, Doreen found that her spiritual path was forever changed by a vision of Jesus in January 2017, which led her to become baptized as a Christian. Her work now focuses on gently helping people reconnect with the real Jesus, as well as advocating for animal rights and supporting her favorite charity, Compassion International, which helps impoverished children worldwide.

For information on Doreen’s work, please visit her at:

To watch her free Bible Support and Encouragement Group videos, please visit:

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