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If you or someone you know has high or low blood pressure, you can purchase a manual blood pressure gauge at home. It may take a little practice to learn how to measure blood pressure manually, but in fact it is quite simple. You need to know what to use during blood pressure measurement, how to measure it correctly and how to interpret the results. With a little practice, you will learn how to determine systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as interpret these readings.

Take your time. Sit for five minutes how to measure pressure in how to measure blood pressure in a relaxed environment, how to measure pressure on the phone. do not smoke and do not drink coffee. Sit on a chair so that your back is level. Do not cross your legs. They should stand on the floor so that your knees do not lift high. Roll up your sleeves, or better - remove clothes with long arms you to put the cuff on your hand without any problems. Place the hand on which you measure, on a flat surface so that the cuff of the tonometer is approximately at the heart level. Sometimes you need to put a pillow under your arm. Put the cuff correctly. 2–2.5 cm above the elbow bend. Fix the cuff so that it can be inserted under the finger 1-2 fingers. Wires should go out from the inside of the elbow, so that the sensitive elements of the tonometer recorded a pulse.

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