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Map, Track, Sync, and Share Your Trek From Anywhere
For adventure seekers, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Garmin Explore ecosystem offers a complete mobile navigation solution that — when paired with compatible Garmin devices1 — lets you map, track and navigate your trek from anywhere with unlimited cloud storage.

Garmin Explore provides basic trip planning or viewing of maps you’ve preloaded on your device. Or you can use the mobile app to pair your smart device via Bluetooth® technology2 with a compatible Garmin GPS device1, so you can do and see even more.

Access Online Connectivity
Garmin Explore provides free online access to a wide range of additional capabilities. For example, you can download detailed topographic maps, color aerial imagery and other navigation aids directly to your mobile device. The maps and navigation data loaded onto your device can be used anywhere, anytime — even when you’re out beyond the reach of cellphone towers or internet connections.

Organize Your Data with Collections
Review and edit your waypoints, tracks, routes, and activities in your library. Add them to a collection to keep all the recorded data from a certain trip together in one place. For example, if you’re taking a long trip, you can plan different waypoints, tracks and routes for each day of the trip and combine them into one collection.

Your Mobile Cloud Connection
The Garmin Explore app will send and store the waypoints, planned routes, GPS tracks and Garmin activities you've recorded in the cloud, allowing you to access and use that data on the Garmin Explore web site to plan or review your adventures. You can also sync your cloud-stored data with a compatible Garmin device. A Garmin account is needed to store your data in the cloud. Your activities (e.g., runs, walks, hikes, etc.) include data such as distance, pace, activity time, location, etc. that were recorded by your device.

More Off-grid Capability with inReach® Technology
Use Garmin Explore with your inReach enabled devices, such as the GPSMAP® 66i navigator and satellite communicator, to turn your mobile device into a true off-the-grid satellite companion. In an emergency, you can trigger an interactive SOS to the GEOS 24/7 emergency response team. Two-way messaging and LiveTrack location tracking via the 100% global Iridium® satellite network let you stay in contact globally. The Garmin Explore app allows you to access your phone’s contact list for easier messaging and sharing when connected.

What You Get with Garmin Explore
• Unlimited map downloads; access topographic maps, USGS quad sheets and more
• Aerial imagery
• Waypoints, tracking and route navigation
• High-detail GPS trip logging and location sharing
• Unlimited cloud storage of routes, waypoints, tracks, and activities
• Online trip planning

1 explore.garmin.com/appcompatibility
2 explore.garmin.com/bluetoothrequirements
The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Garmin is under license.

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Version History

Launched Oct 11, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 25 days, on average.

Aug 28
Version 2.3.2

🐛 Various bug fixes
🗜 Compress web traffic
🤖 Support for Android Q
✉️ Added social contacts to contact selection list

Aug 25
Version 2.2.5

📇 Explore contacts feature improves GPSMAP 66i experience
🔵 While LiveTrack is active, LiveTrack points appear on map page
🐛 Various bug fixes
🗣 Improved localization

Aug 01
Version 2.1.4

🐛 Various bug fixes

Jun 16
Version 2.1.0

🌯 Improved display of emoji on older devices
📶 Added network status to Pair Device page
🦌 Added missing waypoint symbol
✉️ Improved contact chips
🐛 Various bug fixes
✨ UI improvements

Jun 05
Version 2.0.1

🐛 Various bug fixes
🏃‍♀️ Reordered Library page to prioritize activities
🗑 Added delete button to Waypoint Details page
🛰 GPSMAP 66i support

Jun 02
Version 1.8.2

⚙️ Added Account page
🌓 Partial day/night mode support
🐇 Performance improvements
🐛 Various bug fixes

Apr 01
Version 1.6.2

🐢 Fixed laggy UI in Route Edit
🔺 Improved map performance
🔗 Added link to support center article on Compatible Devices page
🐛 Various bug fixes

Jan 29
Version 1.6

⌚️ Added support for fēnix 5 series watches
🏃‍♀️ Activities can be added to collections
🐛 Various bug fixes

Jan 09
Version 1.5

🗺 Improved map controls
🖼 Improved landscape support
🤡 Fixed some layout and animation oddities
🐛 Various bug fixes

Jan 07
Version 1.4

🗺 Added map to Collection page
❓‍ Added Map Help to Download Maps page
📧 Added share "MapShare URL" feature to Explore Website page
🐛 Various bug fixes

Dec 03
Version 1.3

🗃 Added 'Unorganized Data' filter to Library page
🖼 Improved landscape support
📺 Fixed layout on devices with screen cutouts
⚠️ Expanded large collection identification
🆕 Increased granularity of device compatibility
🐛 Various bug fixes

Oct 28
Version 1.2

🎮 Added page which lists all supported devices
🚙 Added option to navigate to a waypoint using Waze or Google Maps
🕸 Added Explore account details page
🗺 Improved user data filter on map page
🤓 Added support for Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) coordinates
ℹ️ Added Help page which describes collection management and best practices
⬜️ Increased launcher icon size on older phones
⬅️ Improved right-to-left language support
🐛 Various bug fixes

Oct 23
Version 1.1

🚰 Increased detail of sync status
🔗 Added link to supported devices in account creation
🎮 Fixed bug where devices would unpair from app
🗺 Map download UI bug fixes
💥 Fixed rare crash during app startup
🌎 Several improvements to localizations

Oct 10
Version 1.0

Initial app release

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