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With an elegant simplicity, yet keeping the unique monthly calendar, Cronosurf Breeze and Air bring a new level of inspiration to all watch lovers.
The design concept is intended for watches with a mechanical movement, self or automatic wind. Now you can have Breeze and Air, two watch designs in one app, on your Android device.

Supported smartwatches: Wear OS (Android Wear) and Android standalone smart watches
(Note: other smart watches like Samsung Gear (running on Tizen) are not supported yet)

Key features
• Current date and day of the week with the unique Monthly Calendar
• Continuous indication on date field (serves as an AM/PM indicator)
• Live Wallpaper (adjustable size and position of the watch). The standard procedure to enable it: long-press on a free area of your home screen and select "Live Wallpapers".
• Day/Night modes (via graphical menu)
• Wear: torch function
• Wear: support for Moto 360 and other 'flat tire' displays
• It can run over the screen lock
• The model can be easily changed between Breeze and Air through the settings or through the graphical menu

PRO VERSION features
- Ad-free
- 5 customizable color presets
- Ticking sound - hold the ear next to the ear speaker (only devices with earpiece and proximity sensor)
- Landscape mode support
- For the Live Wallpaper, any image from the gallery can be set as a background image
- WEAR: The info shows the watch temperature

There are also web-versions of Breeze and Air under cronosurf.com/breeze and cronosurf.com/air

 $1.49 in Google Play


Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 1Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 2Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 3Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 4Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 5Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 6Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 7Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 8Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 9Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 10Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 11Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 12Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 13Cronosurf Breeze & Air Pro screenshot 14

Version History

Launched May 16, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).
Aug 12
Version 2.1.0

- Interface languages added: German and Spanish
- AIR variant: new design of the hour and minute hands
- Graphical menu updated
. Preferences moved to watch
. Optional minimalist ambient mode
- Other detail improvements
- Bug fixes

Feb 19
Version 2.0.1

- Android Wear support!
- Analog battery indicator
- Graphical menu
- Night modes
- Torch function

May 16
Version 1.0


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