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Manifest your dreams! This app unlocks the world of Flowdreaming and meditation audios that change you inside and out.

If you love Law of Attraction, the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, The Secret, Jerry and Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), Summer McStravick, and other masters of manifesting, then Flowdreaming is your next step.

This unique process is super easy to learn and immediately effective with just one listen!

You don't even meditate. Instead, you learn a whole new way to talk to your Flow (or the Universe, Source, or God) to make powerful, fast shifts in your life.

If you're looking for a way to grow fast, heal your heart, and solve your problems, you've found your next step here.

Use the Flowdreams in this app to:

-- Experience astonishingly deep self-love.
-- Go big and uncover your purpose.
-- Be seen by the world.
-- Heal your heart and forgive yourself.
-- Release past patterns and blocks to your happiness or success.
-- Fall in love.
-- Release a past relationship.
-- Make life easy, flowing, and free of restrictions.
-- Start a rampantly successful business.
-- Drop weight and reshape your body.
-- Glow with radiant health.

All these and much more are possible by using this app.

Start by downloading the free Introduction to Flowdreaming audio package and your
free Flowdream to begin your amazing journey.


This app teaches you how to Flowdream so you can begin immediately.

Then, it allows you to purchase your choice of downloadable audio Flowdreams, then store and arrange them into your own custom-made playlists on your phone or tablet.

You can create your own custom playlists that:

-- Magnetize money and abundance to pour into your life
-- Quickly put you to sleep and program your subconscious with delicious affirmations all night long
-- Create an aura of likeability around you, attracting in new close good friends
-- Help others see your worth and value
-- Stop others from being negative or hurtful toward you
-- And much, much more!

Customers of the Flowdreaming shop at www.flowdreaming.com will soon be able to use this app to open and store their previously purchased audios

Be sure to download our other app, Flowdreaming Radio, to listen to Flowdreaming creator Summer McStravick share a wealth of information and intuitive knowledge in her free podcast.

Enjoy hundreds of hours of simple, beautiful thinking and emotional up-leveling that will instantly change your life.

Want more? Visit http://www.flowdreaming.com

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Version History

Launched Aug 28, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Nov 20
Version 1.14

Bugs fixes

Nov 17
Version 1.13

Bugs fixes

Oct 16
Version 1.12

Bugs fixes

Jul 21
Version 1.10

We've updated our file hosting location.

Jul 02
Version 1.9

Added Touch login
Fixed password reset/password unrecognized
Fixed pdfs to open in Playlists
Sped up downloading and synching purchases
Expanded compatibility for iPads
Updated ability to make and delete playlists
Fixed app from unexpectedly closing

Sep 05
Version 1.6

Manifest your dreams! This app unlocks the world of Flowdreaming and meditation audios that change you inside and out.

Aug 27
Version 1.1

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