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The FairwayFirst Mobile App is a convenient way for you to be put in secure control of your FairwayFirst leads from anywhere in the world equipped with an internet connection, allowing you to close more business faster. Keep detailed notes on each lead that FairwayFirst live transfers or sets in your calendar. Manage their milestone status with one tap of your finger. Easily refer leads to your referral partners. Plus, you’re able to keep up to date with the conversation they’ve already had with the FairwayFirst team.

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Version History

Launched Oct 31, 2020 (about 1 month ago).
Nov 22
Version 1.0.1

Clarifying user error messages

Nov 09
Version 1.0.0

We fixed bugs resulting from the way the app handles data that comes through in an incorrect format, causing some user’s dashboards to be blank or inaccessible. We made vast improvements to the backend of the application including in our versioning and distribution. We identified and squashed the bug causing some users to experience an error after being idle for 24 hours. Overall, we updated all of our error messages to be more user friendly with instructions on how to solve the problem!

Oct 30
Version 0.9.5