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IDAuth.me - Digital Authentication

IDAuth.me’s simple, four-step enrollment process:

1. A short video explains the process.
2. The individual completes the standard data form and selects the identity document that they wish to use.
3. The camera on their device turns on and records the individual showing their identity document
4. The verification event is streamed live to the server from where it can be watched live or viewed later.

IDAuth.me is secure because the recording shows a live stream of the individual displaying their identity document to camera. It makes it easy to observe behavior and capture biometrics.

The streamed data, including biometrics and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), is analysed by Facebanx’s server, with an immediate report sent to the client.

The IDAuth.me client report includes:
- the recording of the enrollment
- a face biometric
- an image of the identity document
- the individual’s entry data
- confirmation that the individual’s face has not featured on another file
- confirmation that input name matches the name on the identity document
- identity document number verification
- identity document image verification

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Version History

Launched Mar 18, 2019 (over 1 year ago).
May 12
Version 1.0.9


May 11
Version 1.0.8

Fixed app linking

Mar 17
Version 1.0.6

Initial release