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myVRE offers the most comprehensive tracking app on Android for the Virginia Railway Express. This is the ONLY app with a fully functional homescreen widget display tailored to the trains that you take every day.

With myVRE you will be aware of train delays just by looking at your home screen! No more fumbling around trying to find your train on the web or other app. This app makes it easy and efficient.

* Homescreen widget customized for your daily trains
* List view to see all running trains' status
* View train schedules for selected stops
* Map view to see where trains are on their route
* Minimum data usage through smart track technology
* Notice of next stop and estimated arrival time including delays
* All VRE routes are tracked
* Data from the live GTFS feed provided by VRE

Coming Soon:
* Notification of train delays
* More widget styles

Tags: VRE, Virginia Railway Express, widget, live tracking, GTFS, train delay, Washington DC, NOVA, Northern Virginia

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Version History

Launched Jan 22, 2014 (about 6 years ago).
Jan 21
Version 2.0.0

- Upgraded the look of the widget and popup bubbles on the map
- Fixed widget data not populating sometimes
- Fixed trains disappearing from the main view and map
- Decreased data usage through smarter knowledge of what trains are running and when
- Added landscape view for the schedule