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The Pathfinder Application requires the Pathfinder Connector device and works Android 4.3 or higher and up with Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE.

The Dogtra GPS Application works with the Dogtra Pathfinder and brings GPS tracking and E-collar training right to your smartphone.

GPS dog tracking includes access to terrain and satellite map views with a powerful zoom capability that provides greater live-action detail and accuracy when you're in the field.

Dog training features in Nick, Constant, and audible Tone, for serious dog trainers and owners who demand the most working, hunting, and competitive situations.

Ability to track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data, create customizable geo-fence alerts, off-line map mode for areas with limited cellular data, and more.

※ During the Bluetooth connection - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Version History

Launched Jan 12, 2017 (about 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Jan 23
Version 1.4.8_1

1. Update app icon & launch screen
2. 3 options on top right
1.Start recording: shows recording time in lower left
Stop recording: Press Stop recording in top right or tap recording time on lower left to show square stop button
2.Stopwatch: shows stopwatch time in lower left
Stop Stopwatch: Press Stopwatch OFF in top right or tap stopwatch time on lower left to show square stop button
3.Reset tracking lines: select to remove previous lines
3. Update main map: ability to change map orientation

Oct 24
Version 1.4.7

1. Pressing ‘Start Rec’ button will not remove existing tracking lines.
2. Treed position tracking is now more stabilized and detailed.
3. The default setting for the Mobile-fence Alarm is set as Off. You may turn on the alarm by going to Settings > Alarm Setting > Mobile-fence Alarm.
4. US Version: User Guide Image has been updated.
5. European Version: Offline Google Maps™ can be now be searched and downloaded by zip code and address.
6. PATHFINDER is now available to operate in Australia.

Jul 17
Version 1.5.0

1. Display the area already downloaded from the Download Map page
2. Google Maps satellite map changed to hybrid form(Satellite + Normal)
3. Added the ability to download by zip code(US/Canada only)

Jun 26
Version 1.4.9

Fix the 'ME' tracking issue in the background when the app is in Oreo version.
Fixes an error that occurs on some screens on a tablet over 7 inches.

May 20
Version 1.4.8

1. The Offline Google Maps™ has been added
2. Add 'Truck' marker at startup
3. Draw a line from a marker to 'ME'
4. Start/Stop Recording
5. Statistics on recorded sessions
4. Updated Geo-fence & Mobile-fence Alarm
6. More boundary points number for Geo-fence
7. etc.

Feb 21
Version 1.4.6

1. A new feature, Mobile-fence, has been added which alerts the user when collar(s) enter or leave the set radius.
2. You can now construct up to 10 Geo-fences.

Jan 18
Version 1.4.4

Fixed pairing errors and bugs.

Dec 24
Version 1.4.3

Fixed Bluetooth connection error.

Dec 19
Version 1.4.2

Custom Map and Navigation feature now available in Spanish, French, Italian, and German as selected on operation system’s language setting.
Issue that crashing App intermittently when using E-Collar button is fixed.

Nov 28
Version 1.3.0

• Use your “Custom Map” on “Offline Maps”
• Navigate straight to your location
• Receive Dog Status Notification for all synced and shared devices
• Monitor both Pathfinder and Pathfinder TRX on E-Collar tab
* Pathfinder TRX is not selectable for stimulation on E-Collar tab.
• Receive smarter Geo-fence verbal notification
• Customize the sensitivity of “Shake Control”
* For Android smartphones only
• Minor bug fixes to better stabilize the app.

Aug 29
Version 1.2.7

Shared Trx collar's icon has changed.
My Location button has changed its actions. Now we can use it in the same usage as the google map application.
Minor bugs fixed.

Jun 30
Version 1.2.6

Overall app performance is improved!
Several bugs have been fixed.

May 24
Version 1.2.5

Updated area unit in map download screen. (sqm)
Bug fixes.

May 05
Version 1.2.4

Fixed app crash when running 'Show device'!

Apr 24
Version 1.2.3

-Italy, Spain, Germany, and French Privacy Policy has been added.
-Fixed a problem where the upper part of the status notification screen such as alarm setting screen and running / watching is cut off in Android version 7.0

Apr 14
Version 1.2.2

Updated user guide image for France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
Added API Key for Offline Map usage.

Mar 23
Version 1.2.1

The history files recorded since the update did not work properly due to the problem that GPS coordinates are not stored in the DB in the last updated version.
This update 1.2.0 version fixes an issue that is not stored in DB.
All history files recorded after the update 1.2.0 version will work properly.
French, German, Italian, Spanish Additional updates.
Fixed a problem that is not reflected in Geo-fence and history when selecting a map.
Other bug fixes.

Mar 08
Version 1.1.1

French, German, Italian, Spanish Additional updates.
Fixed a problem that is not reflected in Geo-fence and history when selecting a map.
Other bug fixes.

Feb 20
Version 1.1.0

Fixed an issue where some devices did not work.
Language update in 4 languages (Italian, French, Spanish, German)
Added Bluetooth Connection Error Guide.

Jan 12
Version 1.0.0

bug fixes.

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