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“See, Hear, Read” Augmented Reality experience by Bendon® lets kids experience a whole new dimension in learning. These engaging augmented reality workbooks provide a unique interactive experience to reinforce the basic skills taught in each one. Kids will delight as they learn the alphabet and then see each letter come to life by seeing a photograph, hearing the letter sound, and reading the letter. Unique interactive experiences are provided in each workbook to teach and reinforce: the alphabet, letter sounds, phonics, math problems, Spanish words, beginning reading, and more! This FREE, easy-to-use app works with any of the workbooks in the “See, Hear, Read” series. Just download the app to your mobile device, launch the app, and then hold the device over each page that has the special “See, Hear, Read” icon to experience the excitement.

The “See, Hear, Read” series includes:
• Alphabet
• Beginning Sounds
• Phonics 1
• Phonics 2
• Reading Readiness
• Numbers 1-12
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Early Spanish

The “See, Hear, Read” workbooks are fun and educational because:

1. Each workbook provides a unique interactive experience that will reinforce and teach basic skills.
2. Seeing, Hearing, and Reading adds a component of curiosity and excitement on each special page.
3. Listening to clear enunciation of letters, words, and math facts will strengthen auditory learning.
4. Seeing pictures is a great way for visual learners to see relationships between ideas and retain information.
5. The interactive experiences will motivate reluctant learners.
6. Using a mobile device builds fine motor skills and confidence.

Features of the “See, Hear, Read” series includes:

• Easy-to-use FREE app
• Between 12-26 unique interactive pages in each workbook
• Recording by Twin Sisters®, the leader in children’s educational music with more than 60 million albums sold!
• Reward Stickers in each workbook

Bonus! App includes 1 FREE workbook page inside the app.

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Version History

Launched Oct 26, 2018 (5 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Feb 21
Version 2.3

Improved user experience. Modified all videos to have consistent frames per second and pixel count.

Jan 23
Version 2.1

Fixed a problem with a few books not displaying images an optimized size

Jan 17
Version 2.0

Performance Improvements

Oct 26
Version 1.0

Release Ver 1

Previous 3 versions


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