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A simple set of no fuss widgets that display beautiful indoor plant images (in daily and/or hourly modes). Every plant includes a highly detailed caresheet, including physical data, planting & potting help, watering and feeding guides and propagation information.

There are hundreds of indoor plant species included, each with its own image and dedicated information profile, utilizing bespoke data from our Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition app! Discover a new houseplant each day.


✪  Includes daily (plant of the day) widgets and hourly updated (random plant) widgets, each available in different sizes.
✪  Each has its own comprehensive information profile.
✪  Extensive plant care and horticultural info is included for every plant... just tap on the image to access the info.
✪  Also includes lockscreen widgets for Android 4.2+.
✪  Works as standalone widgets or in integration mode (integration mode requires Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition v2.38 or higher to be installed. This provides access to IPGPE's favouriting and personal note features directly on the widget's profiles).
✪  Free database updates!

◼️  Please Note: This is a set of home & lock screen widgets - it is NOT an app! If you are looking for a traditional app, we recommended purchasing Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition instead.


Android 6.0+ users - Add Indoor Plant Widget to the Android battery optimization whitelist to ensure that the service can run in the background. This is found in Settings, Battery, Battery Optimization, then set Indoor Plant Widget to 'Don't Optimize'. See the in-app instructions for more info.

If you are unsure how to load an Android widget please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpiRZJyQphI

◼️  Language is English only.

Our refunds policy can be found at www.markstevens.co.uk/refunds
Our licensing policy can be found at www.markstevens.co.uk/licensing

We support our apps. If you run in to a problem, please drop us an email rather than a Play Store comment, and we can work with you directly to resolve the issue. Alternatively, visit our website at www.markstevens.co.uk where we have support articles and FAQ's.

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Version History

Launched Jan 01, 2020 (11 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 08
Version 1.09

Please report any issues via email.

- Updated DB & material libs.

Sep 30
Version 1.08

Please report any issues via email.

- DB brought in line with Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition.
- Updated material, core, appcompat libs.
- Targets sdk 30.

Jun 03
Version 1.07

Please report any issues via email.

- Added new plants.
- Back-handing improvements.
- Database aligned with IPGPE.
- Updated db, androidx, material and appcompat libs.

May 06
Version 1.06

Please report any issues via email.

- Added new plants.
- Database aligned with IPGPE.
- Removed armeabi filter.
- Updated androidx, httpcore, material and appcompat libs.

Jan 30
Version 1.05

Please report any issues via email.

- Updated DB libs.
- Updated material and appcompat libs.

Jan 14
Version 1.04

- Upgraded db libs to 4.3.0
- Added new androidx.sqlite libs
- MinSDK 16

Jan 05
Version 1.03

- Added new plant profiles.

Jan 01
Version 1.02

- IPGPE Integration enhancements

Dec 31
Version 1.01

- Initial release

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