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Cell Phone Location Tracker helps you to identify the unknown callers, it also helps you to track mobile number’s location. When you are worried about unknown calls and want to know their name, location, service provider information then, this app helps you in modifying your life.

Cell Phone Location Tracker helps you to track any phone number from all over the world. You can track any phone number from USA navigation, Germany navigation, France, Italy, Pakistan and many other countries. When you track any phone number it will show you the mobile location (area, state, country), name of owner and service provider by locate any cell phone, mobile phone locate, location tracker, free track mobile, gps phone tracker, friends and family tracker.

When you discover a way to protect and track your family, you`ll be delighted.
Nothing gets you closer with the relatives and kids than the new gadgets, called Cell Phone.

Imagine a perfect world without hassle and hurry. Is it hard for you? It's because every day you try to keep the pieces of the family together.

Note: any service based on GPS just works fine when the GPS is enabled on the device. So don't forget to check the GPS location settings. Cell Phone Location Tracker can find a mobile phone by cell phone tower signal too, but only GPS technology can give you an accurate phone location.

Granted phones are required to be set for each module, so not everyone can control the device. However, if someone fakes his phone number he is able to use all enabled modules. (Note that this might be a complicated and illegal procedure. Moreover also common antitheft apps like avast trust the sender's phone number.

Note : This application will not show the actual physical location/GPS location of the caller. All location information is at State/City level only. Shows location at city/ state & country level only and not GPS location.

Note : This application is not a spying or secret surveillance solution and the app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service user has to install the app himself and activate the modules.

Note : The app doesn't use any personal user data and permissions are only utilized for the control and monitor functionalities.

If you have any question, you can track us on social networks like whatsapp,facebook and Instagram with the “Cell Phone Location Tracker” phrase.

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Launched Feb 18, 2019 (2 months ago).
Feb 18
Version 4.1

some bug fixes


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