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High quality videos(50), audio/written instructions, clinical evidence summaries with PUBMed links. Developer website for details.
-Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy
-Manual Therapy

MOBILE OMT for the Lower Extremity is a powerful clinical reference and teaching tool for any student, clinician or educator involved in the practice or the teaching of manipulative/manual therapy for musculoskeletal disorders. A comprehensive mobile companion providing manipulative techniques for the hip, knee, and foot/ankle presented in the context of best current evidence for use in treating spine disorders. Step by step written instructions, high-quality video demonstration with audio, indications for use, and evidence to support each technique.

Summaries of the most recent clinical research involving manipulative therapy are provided for each region of the lower extremity (hip, knee, and foot/ankle) with links to PUBmed abstracts of relevant clinical studies. Additionally a brief summary of the history of manipulative therapy is presented, as well as definitions of terminology.

OMT Lower Extremity Features:

•Instructions for 50 orthopaedic manipulative techniques for the Lower Extremity
•High-quality video demonstration for each technique
•Each video includes two angles of the technique being performed. Therefore, there’s no guessing the important or even subtle details of the techniques performance (pause, rewind, forward within the video)
•Each video includes corresponding audio instructions that describe the technique as it’s being performed
•Each technique includes common diagnoses or “indications” for which the technique is typically performed
•Techniques include high-velocity thrust joint manipulations, non-thrust joint mobilizations, muscle stretching and “contract-relax” stretching techniques
•Summaries of the current state of the research on OMT for each region
•Links to PUBmed abstracts of research on OMT for lower extremity disorders (internet connection required)
•Easily email PUBmed abstracts of the pertinent studies to yourself or colleagues from within the app
•Historical overview of manipulative therapy

If you treat patients that have musculoskeletal disorders with manual therapy management strategies, then this app is the perfect companion for you and your practice!

-Osteopathic physicians
-Physical Therapists / Physiotherapists
-Clinicians managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions
-Medical students, interns, residents, fellows in any of these disciplines
-Educators/Academicians in any of these disciplines
-Anyone interested in manipulative/manual therapy

Complete the series with the MOBILE OMT – SPINE and MOBILE – OMT UPPER EXTREMITY apps!

* Note: Need internet connection to access PUBMed links from within the app. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the size of the app is significant due to the large number and quality of videos embedded native in this app.

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Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 1Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 2Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 3Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 4Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 5Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 6Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 7Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 8Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 9Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 10Mobile OMT Lower Extremity screenshot 11

Version History

Launched Feb 12, 2014 (about 5 years ago).
Feb 11
Version 2.2

Complete makeover for the app, with new User Interface. App now looks and works just like the latest iOS update.
- Optimized videos
- Improved navigation
- Many bug fixes

Also, added the ability to push updates (new techniques, videos, and other new content) directly to device, which helps keep it up to date with the latest content!


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