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Easy authoring of well structured care plans. Optional in-app subscription to Red Book care plan content including complete model care plans for many conditions & all hospice disciplines, as well as individual care topics, outcomes and interventions.

Care topics may be problems, disciplines, NANDA diagnoses, or other focus areas. Topics contain outcomes and interventions. Outcomes may specify short or long term. Interventions may specify associated disciplines.

Create templates to capture your (or your organization's) preferences for caring for common conditions. Templates are easily copied and merged to form the basis for a patient's individualized plan.

In-app subscription to Red Book content gives you access to care plan materials from the End of Life and Palliative Care chapter of the famous Handbook of Home Health Standards (2018 6th edition).

Red Book Hospice Care Planning is your best source of high quality, evidence-based care plan materials. All common hospice disciplines are represented. Conditions and complications of end of life care are covered.

Full model plans are provided for disciplines and conditions. Model plans may be merged, to create holistic plans addressing all of a patient's needs. You edit these models to tailor plans to your individual patient.

With the subscription, you may also select from a wealth of topics, problem statements, outcome statements, and individual interventions, to compose plans best suited to your region, organization's policies, practice preferences, and of course, your patient's individual need.

The subscription is currently offered month-to-month. Payment for the subscription will be charged to your Google Play account once you've confirmed the purchase. The subscription automatically renews each period if you don't cancel it. Your Google Play account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of the current period. The charge for the renewal is usually the same as the initial charge, but sometimes special promotions are in effect. The base charge is 5.99 USD monthly, and renewals would normally be charged at same rate. If you've taken advantage of a free trial period, then when you subscribe the remaining portion, if any, of your free trial period is forfeit, and your subscription begins immediately.

The End User License Agreement is available for review here: https://marrelli.com/app-support/eula/

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Version History

Launched Mar 18, 2019 (5 months ago).
Mar 19
Version 1.0.9

this version is fully functional, except does not correctly subscribe to content. thanks for your patience.

Mar 17
Version Varies with device

for subscription testing