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Are you looking to get started with real estate investing? Or are you looking to get a property well below value for your primary residence? Or have you recently started looking into how to find tax lien and tax deed properties?

Real Estate Tax Auctions provides a directory of United States counties that conduct property tax sale auctions. These tax sales are for properties that have delinquent taxes where the home owner has defaulted on their real estate taxes. The real estate property can comprise of land, homes, stores, day cares, apartment buildings, duplexes, and so on.

These tax sales are conducted by the county to recoup the taxes and penalties that have accrued. Depending on the US state, these tax sales are for either tax lien sale certificates or tax deeds or both in some states. Each state has their own specific rules and regulations determining the types of tax sales that are supported in that state.

Many of these tax sales can allow the common investor the opportunity to bid on real estate well below market value or even the common American the ability to bid on a home to be used as their primary residence.

This mobile application provides an aggregation of upcoming tax sales and real estate tax auctions to assist the common investor who is interested in obtaining tax certificates or tax deeds for these properties.

Features Included: (these features are provided free)
1. Upcoming Auctions: Provides a list of upcoming tax lien or tax deed auctions by United States county
2. Search by State or County: Allows the user to search by any state or county in the United States to determine any upcoming tax sales
3. Auction Calendar: Provides a calendar of previous and future auctions for easy access with mapping capabilities
3. County Directory: Provides a directory of US counties and links to the county site (i.e. property assessor or treasurer) to obtain any additional information in regards to upcoming tax sales. The directory supports searching capabilities and filters to drill down to a specific location
4. Push notifications: Never miss an upcoming tax sale with push notifications that allow you to know when new tax sales have been added

Note: Each investor should perform their own due diligence and consult their financial, legal, and tax advisor prior to investing.

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