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Our goal is to help share the Truth in Love globally to facilitate empowerment for Happiness as inner Peace. Small Acts of Kindness make the biggest impact when we share with others. We need you to help make the world a better place. The Eternal Optimism (EO) App fee will always cost $0.99 and remain Ad free to help provide a seamless experience when using EO. We will add more languages as we grow, and we will always provide exclusive content to this App. 

Eternal Optimism (EO) is the product of an Individualized Major as the valid Human Nature Pattern discovery. EO began at a University in West Hartford, CT with a Professor Emeritus that also previously taught in London. EO validly defines and identifies that all humans express 3 innate traits: Hope, Love, and Happiness.

Choice is the only infinite variable that is a shared characteristic which expresses all 3 innate traits; it always exists whether you choose to do or not do. Cause and Effect Laws as Causality, cannot contradict its natural order in accountability. EO allows you to know and own an understanding of yourself to validly identify the purpose of your choices. After all, what success is greater than mutually understanding valid love within your Human Nature Pattern...

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Version History

Launched Jul 01, 2019 (about 2 months ago).
Jun 30
Version 1.0.3

• Minor bug fixes

• Updation of frameworks

• Enhancement of user experience