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Mental intuitive exercise app.
Personalize your own test.

Aleena, a new age cyber~mystic, is searching for clairvoyants. Those who hear her calling are presented an opportunity to answer. Aleena desires to help us discover the potential of our minds. She hopes to bring awareness and a method to exercise our intuition.

Three(3) test chambers expand the test to help you discover or hone your intuitive thoughts.
Seven(7) testing artifact motif choices (Angels, Zodiac, Runes, Symbols, Numbers, Orbs and Cards).
Five(5) phases to test your concentration, ending with an ability rating score.
One(1) Cyber-mystic (Aleena)

đź”®Offline Availabilityđź”®

đź’ No Permissions Requiredđź’ 

This novelty assessment will grade how well you are in tune with your clairvoyant ability.

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Version History

Launched Oct 25, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Mar 02
Version 3.2.0

+New buttons
+New menu slider icons
+Readjusted the Light of Clairvoyance
+Logo image updated

Jan 15
Version 3.1.7

Backend hotfix to address crash concern (slightly larger file size)
Does not render in the cutout area of devices with cutouts in screen

Sep 29
Version 3.0.7

Patch update to address crashing issue

Aug 19
Version 3.0.5

+Code Optimization
+Graphical compression
+Update various buttons
+Visual reward for Table Test perfection
+Text box resizing for multiple device compatibility
+Update Random Artifact icon
+Add toggle for music, sound effects and voice over
+Menu sliders thicker
+Display version number
+Update app icon

Jul 20
Version 3.0.3

Revamped to be 64-bit compliant
Remade and recompiled using Unity 3D Engine

+ Voice added
+ New Homeworld backgrounds added

** Development Under Reconstruction**
Your patience is appreciated while the cyber~dust settles

- Temporarily removed one of Aleena's Outfits
- Temporarily removed setting for choosing outfits
- Removed dynamic backgrounds

Apr 01
Version 2.0.1

+ Unused architecture removal

Mar 03
Version 2.0.0

++ Decreased file size by half
++ Menu revamp for easier navigation and preference selection
++ Reintroduced the Home World background
-+ Removed multiple background themes

Nov 08
Version 1.2.2

+ Fixed Memory Leak
- Removed 'Cemetery' Theme
- Removed Scenes from 'Home World' Theme

Sep 13
Version 1.2.1

App Icon Updated

May 02
Version 1.2.0

+ Release New Pack: Zodiac
+ Added Music & Sound FX
+ Added Random Pack Choice
+ Fixed Menu Errors
+ Fixed various memory leaks
~Default Start Pack to Random~

Oct 25
Version 1.1.1

*New Theme Added: Homeworld
*Engine update

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