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The Cigar Geeks application is for the cigar enthusiast who is interested in furthering their cigar hobby. It comes pre-loaded with a searchable database of over 33,000 cigars and over 17,000 cigar reviews. The app can download the latest Cigars and Reviews from the Cigar Geeks web site as they are updated.

You can also track multiple humidors and inventories along with tasting notes, quantities, ages, and prices. The app will synchronize your virtual humidors with the Cigar Geeks web site as well. You can maintain your humidors in either the app or web site and synchronize the two.

If you are interested in having a quick and easy to use reference to help with future cigar purchases or want to be able to track your purchases in your various humidors then you will find this a very useful tool.

If you desire to give back to the community you can also submit your own cigar reviews through the app and they will appear on the web site under your account.

In order to submit reviews or track your humidors online a free Cigar Geeks web site login is required.

 $3.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched May 11, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
May 10
Version 3.4.1

Version 3.1.1 fixes a currency issue for non-US based amounts in the Humidors that caused the application to crash.
Version 3.1.2 fixes synchronizing issues for non-US based users.
Version 3.4 fixes additional synchronizing issues and review postings. Adds functionality to display Humidor counts.
Version 3.4.1 fix for another humidor sync issue when having a very large amount of cigars in your collection.


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