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This is a modern speed counter that appears above any other application. This includes a graph showing its progress in the last seconds.
You can use your favorite GPS application for your guidance and superimposed, your speed will be displayed.
There is a HUD mode allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

It is possible to change the settings. To do this, make a long press on the icon (more than half a second) and then lift your finger. The setup screen appears.

If the display size does not suit you, use two fingers to zoom in all directions. Or return to the screen of the application.

This is the complete version that allows you to select the speed units, the duration of the graph bar (from 10 to 60 seconds), the display of the numerical value of speed or simply chart. The text size can be changed. The color of the background is adjustable, and its transparency. Many other settings are customisable.
4 display modes are available
- Gradient from black to your prefered color
- Gradient from green at 0 speed, to orange at 50% of max speed then red at full speed
- Gradient from green from 0 to a custom value, then to orange up to another custom value and red above a last custo value
- Plain color mode uses the same color to draw all bars

Different values are displayed:
Top left: The fastest speed for the period
Bottom left: The minimum speed for the period
Top right: The average speed for the period
Bottom right: A reminder of the selected speed unit
In the middle, the last measured speed.

Feel free to send anyfeature requests to wadcoding@gmail.com

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Version History

Launched Apr 21, 2014 (almost 5 years ago).
Apr 20
Version 1.1

Minor optimisations


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