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Caranba Sermon Notes is a tool that helps you organize the notes you take during the course of a sermon. It is also a very useful tool for a preacher or pastor for preparing sermons before delivering it at church services. Caranba Sermon notes provides you with the ability to insert bible scripture text directly into the sermon note!!! No more flipping from your bible to your notes! You can do it all in one app!

Caranba Sermon Notes is designed to organize the notes you take while a sermon is being preached, one sermon point at a time. You are able to do this by entering the Sermon Point Title and supporting point text, as provided by the preacher or sermon speaker. And every succeeding sermon point can be entered by tapping the “Add Point” button, and a blank new point title and point text appears for you to enter the next sermon point information.

Some pastors like to preach several sermons for weeks in a row, which is called a sermon series. With this app, you have the unique capability to classify sermons according to sermon series. Once you create a sermon series, simply by providing a sermon series title, a new sermon can be added to it by tapping the “Add Sermon” button.

Other features provided by Caranba Sermon Notes include:
- List sermons added by sermon title in alphabetical order

- List sermon added by date order of creation

- List sermon speakers in alphabetical order

- List sermon series added by title in alphabetical order

- Edit a sermon and a sermon series

- Delete a sermon, sermon speaker and sermon series

- Displays the number of sermons, sermon speakers, and sermon series added

- Searching for a sermon, sermon speaker, and sermon series.

A sermon or sermon series that you have created and added can be looked at in a variety of ways using the features listed above.

The goal of the Caranba Sermon Note is to provide you with an excellent experience in structuring and organizing the sermon notes you take with the ease of locating it, reviewing it, and modifying it as you see fit.


 $1.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Nov 25, 2017 (over 1 year ago).
Nov 27
Version 3.0.0

Release 3.0 brings to the user the ability to read the Bible scripture text in whole chapters from the supported Bible Versions. Also, the user has the ability to add text from scripture into their sermon note. Along with this are the following features:
- Controls that navigate to the previous and next chapters
- Controls that display the Bible books
- Controls that display the Bible chapter numbers
- Controls that navigate to the Bible version list

Sep 22
Version 2.0.0

Updated target sdk version to 26

Nov 24
Version 1.0.0


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