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The only campus map made by a student, for students.
https://www.Campus-Maps.com - Need a Map? Get the App!

Contains over 250 campus maps:

• Abilene Christian University Map (ACU)
• American River College Map (ARC)
• American University Map (AU)
• Angelo State University Map (Angelo State)
• Appalachian State University Map (App State)
• Arizona State University Map (ASU)
• Ashland University Map
• Auburn University Map (Auburn)
• Austin Peay State University Map (APSU)
• Azusa Pacific University Map (APU)
• Ball State University Map (BSU)
• Barry University Map
• Baylor University Map (Baylor)
• Bentley University Map
• Biola University Map (Biola)
• Black Hills State University Map (BHSU)
• Bloomsburg University Map
• Brigham Young University Map (BYU)
• Brown University Map (Brown)
• Butler University Map
• Cal State Fullerton Map (Fullerton)
• Cameron University Map
• Clemson University Map (Clemson)
• Cornell University Map (Cornell)
• Dartmouth College Map (Dartmouth)
• Delta State University Map (Delta State)
• Fairmont State University Map (Fairmont State)
• Florida International University Map (FIU)
• Florida State University Map (FSU)
• George Mason University Map (GMU)
• Georgia State University Map (GSU)
• Grand Canyon University Map (GCU)
• Hamline University Map
• Hampton University Map
• Hofstra University Map (Hofstra)
• Indiana University - Bloomington Map (IU)
• Iowa State University Map (ISU)
• Lamar University Map (Lamar University)
• Loma Linda University Map (LLU)
• Louisiana State University - Shreveport Map (LSUS)
• Madonna University Map (Madonna University)
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology Map (MIT)
• Michigan State University Map (MSU)
• New York University Map (NYU)
• New Jersey City University (NJCU)
• Ohio State University Map (Ohio State)
• Penn State Map (PSU)
• Princeton University Map (Princeton)
• Purdue University Map (Purdue)
• Rice University Map (Rice University)
• Rochester Institute of Technology Map (RIT)
• Roger Williams University Map (RWU)
• Rogers State University Map (RSU)
• Saint Xavier University Map (SXU)
• Samford University Map (Samford)
• San Diego State University Map (SDSU)
• San Jose State University Map (SJSU)
• Stanford University Map (Stanford)
• Syracuse University Map
• Temple University Map
• Texas A&M University Map (TAMU)
• The University of Alabama Map (UA)
• UT Arlington Map (UTA)
• The University of Texas at Austin Map (UT Austin)
• Towson University Map (Towson)
• United States Military Academy Map (West Point)
• United States Naval Academy Map (USNA)
• University of Arizona Map (U of A)
• UC Berkeley Map (Berkeley)
• University of California Los Angeles Map (UCLA)
• University of Central Florida Map (UCF)
• University of Colorado Boulder Map (CU-Boulder)
• University of Florida Map (UF)
• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Map (UIUC)
• University of Louisiana at Lafayette Map (ULL)
• University of Maryland Eastern Shore Map (UMES)
• University of Maryland Map (UMD)
• University of Michigan Map (UMich)
• UNC Chapel Hill Map (UNC)
• University of Pennsylvania Map (Penn)
• University of South Florida Map (USF)
• University of Southern California Map (USC)
• University of Virginia Map (UVA)
• University of Washington Map (UW)
• University of Wisconsin-Madison Map (UW-Madison)
• University of Wisconsin-Parkside Map (UW-Parkside)
• Vanderbilt University Map (Vanderbilt)
• Villanova University Map (Villanova)
• Vincennes University Map
• Virginia Tech Map (VT)
• Widener University Map
• Yale University Map (Yale)

And many more!

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Version History

Launched Aug 24, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Jun 30
Version 33.51

We've moved domains! The new website is https://www.campus-maps.com.
Added a way to rate the app.

May 24
Version 33.41

Updated the look of the app. School names are now searchable when selecting your default. Changed the user icon. Changed the destination pin. Updated the mapping engine. Updated the interface for school selection. Increased the minimum supported Android version and updated several libraries within the app.

Feb 13
Version 3.30

Illinois State University Updates:
Added 4 locations

Stanford Updates:
Added 91 locations
Updated many existing locations

FSU Updates:
Added 16 locations

UMD Updates:
Added 1 location

Jan 31
Version 3.29

We are proud to now serve Illinois State University!

Jan 06
Version 3.28

We are proud to now serve Illinois State University!

Aug 06
Version 3.25

Looking for your school but don't see it yet? Email updates@getcampusmaps.com to prioritize your school!
• Please leave a rating if you enjoy the 100% free & ad free experience!
• 500 School Milestone: 255/500 mapped.
• Added Middle Georgia State University.
• Hundreds of buildings have been added and updated, with big refreshes at UMD, FSU, Stanford, IU, and Yale. More on the way!

May 14
Version 3.24

POLL: We may be changing URL's! Please vote:
1) http://www.getcampusmaps.com
2) https://www.universitymaps.com
Email your choice to poll@getcampusmaps.com!
If you would like to also attach comments or feedback I am happy to respond.
Have a wonderful summer!
• Added NJCU
• All acronyms are now in front of the building names
• Your pin no longer bounces
• Pins now display labels
• Hundreds of small quality of life improvements

May 14
Version 2.2

Do you prefer http://www.getcampusmaps.com or https://www.universitymaps.com?
Please email your pick to poll@getcampusmaps.com, you can shape the future of the app!
If you would like to also attach comments or feedback I will be reading and replying to each email personally.
Have a wonderful summer!
• Added NJCU
• All acronyms are now in front of the building names
• Your pin no longer bounces
• Pins now display labels
• Hundreds of small quality of life improvements

Jun 09
Version 2.1

*Now requires 2 fewer permissions!
*Added 249 new schools (Now uses same data-set as available on the website: http://www.getcampusmaps.com)
*Map is now full-width and full-height at all resolutions

Aug 24
Version 1.1

On iOS and Android at http://www.GetCampusMaps.com!

Need a map? Get the app!

Campus Maps for Android now offers UMD and UVA campus maps.

Features Include:

*Real-time location updates shows your location on the campus

*Every building, with acronyms. No more trips to the visitor center for a map!

*Choose between real, zoomable satellite imagery or a color-coded map.

*Android Tablet compatible

*Now contains walking directions as of version 1.1 (blue line highlighting the fastest path)!!

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