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Having trouble logging into the app? Ensure you have retrieved your access code from your benefits site first! The access code is good for 20 minutes once generated, so use it right away. Once you have entered the access code, you will be asked to create your PIN.

A sleek design, easy navigation and access to important notifications and emails makes managing your health benefits a breeze.

The MyChoice Mobile is the go-to benefits application for eligible users.

• Review your benefit details and plan information, on the go
• Get quick, one touch access to change your benefits or start an enrollment
• Understand important reminders when action is needed
• Store your carrier ID cards for easy access at the doctor
• Find help for your benefit questions through phone or chat

Having problems? Email sofia@businessolver.com

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Version History

Launched Feb 23, 2017 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Feb 11
Version 2.1.6

With this update, we have solved for issues related to Android 10. We appreciate your feedback!

Jan 07
Version 2.1.5

With this update, we are improving the Consumer Accounts user experience, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date information. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

Dec 20
Version 2.1.4

With this required update, we improved access for managing your consumer accounts. Let us know what you think!

Nov 20
Version 2.1.3

With this release, we are doing some necessary updates to ensure you have a consistent experience with the MyChoice Mobile App. This will be a forced update so we can keep bringing you great features. As always, we appreciate your feedback!

Oct 20
Version 2.1.2

With this update, we squashed some bugs to ensure our reminder notifications perform as expected and users have a positive login experience. We appreciate your feedback!

Sep 22
Version 2.1.1

With this update, we are moving all Account-related benefits to their own page, accessible from the main menu. It also includes performance improvements and bug fixes, including an issue where some users were unable to save their ID cards.

Aug 19
Version 2.1

With this release, Sofia, our personal benefits assistant, is making her debut on the main menu of the MyChoice Mobile App. Simply tap the Sofia icon to start a conversation. In addition, we squashed a few bugs for good measure. Let us know what you think!

Jul 29
Version 2.0.3

•The latest version of the MyChoice Mobile App includes increased functionality in the ‘Important Reminders’ section to include notifications for in progress transactions and action needed messages, as well as improvements for uploading documents.
•This version also includes minor bug fixes, ensuring you have the best possible experience. We look forward to your feedback!

May 12
Version 2.0.2

The latest version of the MyChoice Mobile App includes increased visibility to your vendor contact information, one-touch access to your Consumer Accounts details and enhanced interactions with our personal benefits assistant, Sofia.

This version also includes minor bug fixes, ensuring you have the best possible experience. If you are having issues, it is best to obtain a new Access Code via the Benefitsolver platform. We look forward to your feedback!

Mar 25
Version 2.0.1

With this release, we are squashing pesky bugs while ensuring your access to benefits year round remains seamless. As always, we would love to hear your feedback! Consider leaving us a review.

Feb 28
Version 2.0

With this update, we are completely renovating the user experience! You’ll find a sleeker design, easier navigation, more actionable call-outs and access to new details within your accounts, not to mention a few squashed bugs. All to make managing your benefits year-round a breeze.

Let us know how we did by leaving a review in the App Store. We are excited to hear your thoughts!

Nov 11
Version 1.33

Bug Fixes.

Jul 24
Version 1.1

Fixes connection issue

Jul 02
Version 1.0

Fixed an issue that would crash the application

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