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Breathing Zone is a doctor recommended guided breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to enjoy the deep relaxation and other health benefits of slower therapeutic breathing.

• Winner #1 Best Alternative Medicine App 2014 - HealthTap
• Recommended by Harvard Health Newsletter.
• Recommended by Time.com Techland.
• Recommended by Lifehacker.

The guided breathing exercise used by Breathing Zone has been shown to help:

• Reduce Anxiety.
• Relieve Stress.
• Lower High Blood Pressure.
• Improve Mood.

Breathing Zone uses a clinically proven therapeutic breathing technique that decreases your heart rate, and over time can even help lower High Blood Pressure.
There are no complicated settings and no difficult breathing patterns to master. All you need to do is breathe in and out according to the guide. Anyone can it.

• Easy to follow voice instructions.
• Intuitive animated breathing guide.
• 5 calming guide sounds.
• Vibration mode (on supported devices).
• Timed sessions from 5 to 60 minutes.
• Weekly Target tracks your therapeutic breathing minutes.

** NOTE **
The Fox News video clip features the iPhone version of Breathing Zone. Not all features in the iPhone version are currently available in the Android version.


➤ Harvard Health Newsletter
You can choose an audio accompaniment and set the length of your relaxation session. You then breathe in and out in sync with an image that pulsates at a gradually slower pace."

➤ Time.com Techland
"If you find yourself becoming over agitated calm yourself with Breathing Zone, a handy iPhone app that'll help keep the typical stress of fomenting unrest somewhat in check."

➤ Lifehacker
"If you're a bit stressed or anxious, it's a good way to help you alleviate those feelings in just a few minutes."

➤ Jessica Garrett Mills, PhD
Breathing Zone takes the guess work out of meditation. It’s completely devoid of any new-agey-ness that might rub some folks the wrong way. It’s basically just guided breathing.

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Version History

Launched Dec 12, 2013 (about 5 years ago).
Mar 05
Version Varies with device

Android Wear Watch app enhancements.

Mar 04
Version v.2018.03.05

Android Wear Watch app enhancements.

Mar 02
Version 1.4

Enhanced Guide Sounds transitions.


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