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This application is compatible with the device KTX280B bluetooth NFC RFID reader.This application demonstrates how this device KTX280B bluetooth NFC RFID reader is working with the banking application.

In this application, user can experience the short touch and the long touch tagging event after connecting with the RFID NFC reader. Here short touch means single touch of tag with RFID device and long touch means more than one time touch with the RFID reader device.When the user connected with this device there are three options will appear Cash withdrawal, Cash deposit and Check Balance. When user performs short touch at that time the option will be highlighted and when perform long touch that particular option will be selected and dialog box will appear. And when user perform single touch again the dialog box will disappear.

We have demonstrated a demo banking app with NFC RFID reader, but we can build this type of application in various kinds of domain like Product Traceablility System, Equipment System, Identification System etc.

If you are interested to build such kind of application feel free to contact us on bonrix@gmail.com or you can check us contact details on About us section within the application.

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Version History

Launched Jul 18, 2015 (over 4 years ago).
Aug 07
Version 1.0

Bug fixing: Bluetooth connection stream connection problem resolved