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Choose This not That for Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Inside this colorful app, you will find easy to follow suggestions on how to improve your health through nutrition and the food choices you make every day. This app provides comprehensive and actionable nutrition guidelines for how to prevent and reduce your pain and manage symptoms of IC also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome. If you rather tackle health issues and risks through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes then this app is for you! Last updated: Nov. 2019.

A number of features make this app so different and superior to others in the market:

Is this food good for me? Answer to the common question about suitability of various food items for your personal situation, in an easy to understand and colorful graphic form.

This publication is the only one in the market that offers dietary guidance for IC AND its combination with the following most likely health issues: anxiety, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, fibromyalgia, headache, IBS, stress and Vitamin D deficiency. Also included is anti-inflammation diet.

• Recipes. Most popular recipes on leading web sites.

• Top-5 items to do or eat, and the top-5 things to avoid.

• Recommendations on the best food choices within a food group, based on your personal profile. An extremely valuable tool when at restaurants or when grocery shopping. Over 850 food items are included.

• ACTIONABLE information on what is good, what is bad, and what is neutral for your condition(s). We single out specific food items, and give you an ordered list of helpful and harmful foods within each food group.

• Suggestions on appropriate life style choices, alternative therapies and herbal remedies, when such options are promising and available to you.

The primary sources used by Personal Remedies are US government sources such as USDA (US Department of Agriculture), NIH (National Institute of Health) agencies, and leading clinics & universities.

Personal Remedies is the publisher of the largest collection of health and nutrition apps for chronic conditions. Based in metro-Boston, home to the highest ranking healthcare providers and academic institutions in the world.

The information presented by this app is updated by our team as needed and on an ongoing basis. Updates happen seamlessly, and do NOT require frequent inconvenient downloads of a new version of the app.

“This technology was developed using the most current clinical evidence-based information that is available in the US. Behind this technology there is a team of expert clinicians, scientists, endocrinologists, oncologists, and other specialists who are passionate about bridging the gap between expert knowledge and the patient.“
Katya Tsaioun, PhD, Nutrition, Tufts University; L.D.N.

“Proper nutrition and other alternative treatments show great promise in preventing and treating many of the illnesses that we deal with every day. I encourage all my patients to follow appropriate nutrition and research other options for themselves. The Choose This Not That series are an excellent step towards improving people’s knowledge in this area.”
Shahin Tabatabaei, MD
Mass General Hospital; Harvard Medical School

“The Choose This Not That series of apps provide dietary recommendations focused on common chronic health problems. They are easy to understand and thus easy to implement into daily life. Most doctors would find it difficult to discuss dietary recommendations at the level of detail found in the series. They should serve as a valuable complement in helping people manage chronic illnesses through dietary and lifestyle modifications.”
Andrew S. Lenhardt, MD
Personalized Medicine, Well Life, Peabody, MA

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Version History

Launched Aug 10, 2017 (over 2 years ago).
Nov 07
Version 2.7

Updates to the list of food items and latest research on food-disease interactions. Uses latest Android Target SDK 28.

Aug 09
Version 1.0

Latest update: June 2019. We have made significant updates to the content of the app since its first release. Added new nutrient considerations, new food items, improved serving size assumptions, and updates to the science behind our app ... & more! The content of this app gets automatically updated without the need for users downloading a new version of the app.