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Easily create scenes by overlaying a foreground video onto a background video.

Some scenes you can try doing:
- Pretend you are in a different place.
- Weather reporting.
- Pretend you are flying.
- Create a clone.
- Make any part of your body transparent.

★ Optimized code, download size is less than 1MB.
★ Pinch to zoom, swipe to move functions.

Steps in creating your own Green Screen scenes :
* Or you could just watch the sample video on Play Store (it's much easier to follow)

Step 1: Create a foreground video, find a nice wall just like in the sample video. It should have a solid colored background, it doesn't need to be green, it can be of any color. For best results, choose a clean wall and record your video outside in the late afternoon. You should also avoid casting a shadow on the wall.

Note : The app should detect the background color then makes it transparent. Any part of the subject's body or clothing that has the same color as the background would also be made transparent.

Step 2: Create a background video, or you can just use any existing videos or movies on your phone. (background video auto-plays and auto-loops)

Step 3: Run the app then select the foreground and the background video you've created.

Step 4: Re-position/Re-size the foreground video to your liking.

Step 5: Click on the "eye" icon to toggle filter from GREEN mode to NORMAL mode).

Step 6: Adjust the transparency tolerance of the foreground video by clicking on the plus/minus icon (range is 0-20) until you get the best result.

And that's it.

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Magic Green Screen Effects Video Player screenshot 1Magic Green Screen Effects Video Player screenshot 2Magic Green Screen Effects Video Player screenshot 3

Version History

Launched Aug 13, 2017 (over 1 year ago).
Nov 07
Version BadonguTech-Z

★★★ Update ★★★
- Ads Removed.
- No more Ads.


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