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Want to know what celebrity is a perfect match for you?
Wondering which friends you’re most compatible with?
Use ZodiacMatch to find your star matches!

ZodiacMatch creates a professional natal chart for you to reveal your horoscope compatibility with friends and celebrities.

ZodiacMatch uses an advanced Astroprocessor developed by world-leading astrologers and love experts. It creates your astrological natal chart - a map of the positions of the planets at the exact moment of your birth. Your chart will reveal deep insights into your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and the best timing to take action in your life.

Once your birth chart is ready, our unique Astroprocessor love and compatibility calculator will use advanced astrology synastry charts to determine which friends and celebrities you match best with.

· Get your personal horoscope!
· Discover which celebrities are the best matches for you!
· Have fun comparing your horoscope celebrity match with your friends
· Find out love compatibility and marriage compatibility with the person you’re into!

It’s more fun when you share - Tell your friends and start comparing your astrology compatibility!

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Version History

Launched Aug 23, 2018 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

May 15
Version 1.0.139

- We’ve been busy skewing some bugs that may have been meddling in your App experience!

We need you to make things look and work even better. Got feedback? Send it to suport@astromatchapp.com

May 09
Version 1.0.137

Say hello to ZodiacMatch FREE version!

In case you missed it, ZodiacMatch is TOTALLY FREE now.
Unlimited Matches with friends and celebs!
Everything else remains, reassuringly, as cool and awesome as before.

- Astrological synastry, love and compatibility calculator
- Astrological natal chart.
- Deep insights into your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for growth, and the best timing to take action in your life.
- Personal Horoscope

Apr 03
Version 1.0.132

This is an exciting and full of fun update!
New chat feature!

BTW, we fixed a number of bugs too that will make the app more consistent, efficient and reliable.

If you like Zodiac Match, help us spread the love and let people know about our amazing app!
Your feedback is always welcome, reach out to us. Email: support@zodiacmatch.com

Mar 21
Version 1.0.129

Minor and major fixes

Feb 12
Version 1.0.120

minor fixes

Dec 12
Version 1.0.110

bug fixing

Oct 28
Version 1.0.99

major fixes

Aug 22
Version 1.0.78

Astromatching With Your Friends & Celebrities

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