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Angel Eye Mobile is a part of Angel Eye Camera Systems NICU Communication Platform.
A hospital with Angel Eye NICU Cameras can give parents access to view their baby from anywhere, anytime.

Angel Eye Camera Systems offers hospitals a secure, internet-based, video and audio solution that allows family and friends the ability to interact with hospitalized newborns at any time. Angel Eye understands the importance of keeping families connected to both their neonate and care teams. Our communication and collaboration tools enable providers with the ability to better integrate families into the care process.

**Not all Angel Eye hospital's have access to this app.
(Currently THR, LVH, Baystate Health, and National Maternity Hospital do not have access to this app.)
**If you have problems logging in, contact our support team.

Support Email: support@angeleyecameras.com

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Version History

Launched Sep 25, 2018 (over 1 year ago).
Sep 16
Version 2.1

- Updated app icon and name
- Fixed bugs

Mar 21
Version 2.0

Providers can communicate with families of patients through video, photo, and textual updates.

Sep 24
Version 1.0

Angel Eye delivers real-time video of the hospitalized infants directly to their remote families.

- Stay connected with your loved ones with the highest quality video feed available during established visiting hours.
- Comfort your babies with the sound of your voice through Angel Eye's induction Speaker System.
- Get live updates and virtual rounds from providers.
- Chat with family members.
- Learn more through a repository of educational material created for you by your provider.