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Instantly uncover the personality behind the pen with this ​Forensic Handwriting Analysis mobile app from Mozelle Martin. Mozelle Martin is a 30+ year international forensic handwriting expert. With this app you can find out if the person you are dating will be loyal, would be a good parent, and is of good character. Find out if the applicant you are interviewing or thinking of hiring is really fit for the job. Find out if your business partner can be trusted. Find out if the person adopting the pet is really as loving as they appear. Find out if your babysitter will be kind to your children. Find out what is going on with that student in your class. Find out if the prospective tenant would take care of your rental property. Find out if the person you just loaned money to will pay it back. Find out if your therapist will truly understand you. Find out what is going on with your troubled teen. Find out if your lawyer really has your best interests in mind. Find out who YOU are! There are so many uses for this app - you are only limited by your imagination. Works with most form of Latin, English, European, Canadian, and American writing systems.

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Launched Feb 01, 2018 (about 1 year ago).
Feb 06
Version 1.03

Feb 01
Version 1.02

This Is the full version of the app.


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