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Albert Einstein once said, "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Grab the opportunity to know more about your true potential by our free Personality Test that claims to KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU

Discover yourself from a completely new perspective. Take a free Personality Test & learn more about yourself than you're in the last 10 years. Find your perfect career and improve your relationships by understanding different personality types. Invite your friends & family to find your personality match score & compatibility.

TOP RATED in Personality Test and Relationship Test apps!


Our Personality test or assessment are designed to quickly and accurately determine your personality type according to the Briggs Myers theory. It is based on the theory of 16 Personality types originally developed by Psychologist Isabel Briggs Myers on Research work of Carl Jung.


- One of the most accurate personalities test

- Discover In-Depth profile of all 16 personalities

- Boost relationships by learning about other's personality type

- Premium 16-Career Report in PDF

- Download Descriptive test results in PDF

- Match your Personality with friends & family

- Compatibility score with your partner

- Personality Development Tips

- Complete Profile Backup


Find Perfect Path:

It is also a great tool for discovering your perfect career path! Just take the Personality Test, find your personality type and then launch your career with an extensive 16 pages career report based on your Personality Type.


By knowing more about personality types of your close ones, People can increase their understanding of reactions to situations and know how to best communicate with them on a level which they will understand. Our app compares your personality types and gives you a compatibility score.


Help individuals understand themselves better by knowing their personal strength and blind spots. Nobody in the world is perfect but we can achieve great success by harnessing our natural strengths.

Why wait? Take our free version of Personality Test Today!!

***** Attention to existing users of v2.13 ******
This update would erase all user data of v2.13 of the app which was on released 29th March 2016. Backup recommended

Please email us at support@personalitytraittest.com about any issues or bugs instead of poor rating. We are working hard on it and it's still in the development phase. We promise will deliver our best.

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Version History

Launched Aug 16, 2014 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Jun 17
Version 4.22

Supported till Android Marshmallow
Bugs Fixed
Improved UI/UX Design and Google Fonts
Download results and reports in PDFs

Apr 04
Version 4.21

----------- BIG UPDATE ---------------------
Supported till Android Marshmallow
Added free deals for premium benefits
Added Personality Match Score with your friends
Social Media Integration
Improved UI/UX Design
Complete profile backup
Download results and reports in PDFs

Apr 03
Version 2.12

Unlock Complete Test with free Deals
Most annoying Ads removed
Crafted with material Design
Improved design for small screen devices
Bugs Fixed

Mar 28
Version 2.11

Mar 15
Version 2.01

Mar 06
Version 1.01

Aug 16
Version 1.0

Our Personality Type indicates how we are likely to deal with different situations that life presents, and in which environments we are most comfortable.Learning about our Personality Type helps us to understand why certain areas in life come easily to us, and others are more of a struggle. Learning about other peoples Personality Types help us to understand the most effective way to communicate with them, and how they function best

There are 16 Personality trait according to the intensive research work of Myers & Isabel Briggs and Carl Jung.
So what are you waiting for..
Lets find out what is yours.

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