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Wall paint color is one of the important parts to make the exterior and interior design of your home. The minimalist home is the choice of the majority of today's people who want to own their own homes. The current minimalist home prices tend to be affordable as favorites.

In terms of self-styling, a minimalist home is a very needed skill so that the mini house is not increasingly narrow. In addition to the design and layout of furniture, things that can also affect the impression of relief at home is by choosing the right paint color.

The paint color of the house will always make the appearance of a dwelling becomes more interesting. Therefore, the selection of interior paint warca inside the house needs to be considered well. In order to later impressions and more attractive appearance you can get. This app is some inspiration or idea of ​​choice of interior paint colors of an attractive minimalist home.

Minimalist house is still a home design choice that many taken at this time. The impression of a modern home and more elegant of this dwelling in fact can be a special attraction for many people. Imagine, the advantage of a minimalist home that can be built on a narrow land would be a wise solution to build a dream home despite being on a limited land.

Especially now we understand by itself that the price of land sold for the construction of a house the price is increasingly rising day. Therefore, the selection of minimalist home design will be a good solution in this case. In addition, the concept of the house that put forward an elegant and neat impression.

It will certainly impress you with an interesting house building. So, for those of you who want to build a dream residence to famili with a limited budget. Then the concept of a minimalist home will be a good solution for you.

Paint colors itself not only works to beautify the look of the house, but also has other functions, including:
✔ Paint can also function as an anti-bacterial. Some types of paint have additional features to reduce the level of surface moisture of the building so that the growth of bacteria and mushrooms can be suppressed.
✔ By painting the building, the deficiencies in the building can also be further reduced. Some cracks or flaws can also be seen more smoothly.
✔ Paint in the room will be able to give a better feel to the room.
✔ Uneven side in the building can also be covered with the paint so that the surface is more visible evenly.
✔ Gives color on the surface of the wall. By changing the color of the cement mixture with other brighter colors, the color of the wall will change and become even better.
✔ Paint can also work to protect the surface of the wall for example preventing mushrooms and moss on surfaces that often allow growth. Painted, the surface will be more durable.

This app contains hundreds of wall paint ideas in every room of the house, such as paint color of living room walls, wall paint room color, paint wall paint, interior wall paint color, paint car wall paint color, paint color wall of children room, paint color of teen bedroom wall, paint color of wall of family room, paint color of wall of dining room ideas that can be dap at being your inspiration in decorating the walls of the house.

Application Features:
- Contains hundreds of ideas paint wall color in every room of the house
- Can be accessed without network (offline)
- Application is very light
- Application is very easy to operate
- Can load images quickly
- 100% Free
- Optimization support for all screen resolutions and devices
- There are many other features

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Large collections of wall paint colors ideas, install this app and get inspired.


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