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Usb otg checker connect phone SD/microSD card reader plus built-in 3-Port USB Hub designed for use with USB OTG compliant smartphones and tablets
Perfect for adding storage to mobile devices or transferring files
Add storage plus USB peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, printer and scanner
Works with USB On-The-Go compatible devices including Galaxy S6, S7, S7 Edge Galaxy Note 4, 5 etc.
Supports SDXC/microSDXC cards and USB flash drives*
***USB hdmi On-The-Go Card Reader with Hub for Android Devices
The GoFor2 USB OTG Card Reader and Hub works with select Android mobile devices as well as PC and Mac systems. The GoFor2 is the perfect companion to your OTG compatible Android smartphone or tablet, as it can be used with an SD or micro SD card to increase the storage capacity of your mobile device. The GoFor2 also serves as 3-port USB hub to connect a USB flash drive, keyboard and mouse to make working from your smartphone or tablet much easier.

What is USB On-The-Go (OTG HDMI)?
USB Mhl On-The-Go, or just OTG for short, is a specification that allows USB devices like digital music players, smartphones, tablets, etc. to act as a host for attachment of USB peripherals such as memory card readers, USB flash drives, and other peripherals. With OTG compatibility, your smartphone or tablet functionality can be expanded beyond it's out-of-the-box capability.

Card Reader for Android Devices
Plug your SD or micro SD card* into the GoFor2 , then plug the GoFor2 's micro USB connector into your Android device. You can view, transfer, add or delete music, images, documents, etc. to and from your mobile device or memory card.

USB hdmi mhl Hub for Android Devices
The GoFor2 's built-in 3-port USB hub supports connection of a keyboard, mouse and/or USB flash drive to expand the memory and increase productivity with your mobile device when typing emails, notes and tasks on your device while On-The-Go. You can even connect a USB printer to print photos and documents directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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Launched Mar 18, 2019 (about 1 year ago).
Mar 17
Version 3.6