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Kpop Music Quiz 2018 is the #1 kpop game for ANYONE who LOVES kpop, korean culture, and idols! Battle your way through kpop trivia questions as you listen to your favorite kpop sound clips and guess the song. After you've completed some quizzes, check out the shop and unlock your bias! There are tons of Korean kpop groups to choose from, and you won't want to put your phone down! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ Battle your way through stages with your kpop knowledge as you listen to clips of your favorite songs~

▼Ultimate music selection
☆SNSD (Girls Generation)
☆Monsta x
☆ got7
☆ Girls' Day
☆ Bigbang
☆ Super Junior
☆... and more!

Kaminari is dedicated to bringing you the best kpop music quiz on the Play Store. We're adding new content every Monday night (8:00 P.M. EST). We read all comments and reviews, and always implement requests that we see.

If you'd like us to add your favorite kpop group to the game, talk to us on Facebook (@kaminariigames) and we'd be glad to add it to our list! Let's make Kpop Music Quiz the best kpop music game together (◕‿◕)♡

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Version History

Launched Oct 10, 2017 (about 2 years ago).
Nov 05
Version 1.10

☆ New quizzes! (Bigbang, Super Junior)
☆ 10,000 FREE K-Koins event!
☆ Bug fixes (Leader boards, K-Koins display)
☆ Background music now transitions when you go to menu, shop, & locker room
☆ 2X K-Koin sale for 1 week!
☆ 2 new bias packs added in the shop (Twice, got7)

Oct 10
Version 1.00

☆Thank you for downloading!
☆We spent months putting together the best kpop quizzes
☆This app is dedicated to all kpop fans <3
☆New quizzes added every Sunday!