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Fitness is one of the activities of the body, which is generally done by using various forms of exercise using tools. There are a lot of tools that can be used for this fitness exercise, where the tool is not unusual anymore because in general in the gym or gym is already providing these tools. So this will be easier for you in doing the activities if the body.

Fitness Guide For Beginners
For a beginner, it is recommended if you do fitness exercises for 3 times a week. And here's a fitness guide on the first day until the third day you do fitness in a week.

First Day Fitness Exercise
On this first day there are at least 3 fitness training programs that you can do. Fitness workout program that you can do on the first day is benchpress, incline press as well as bicep curl and hammer curl.

Second Day Fitness Exercise
On the second day of this exercise you can do more exercise than the first day. On the second day you can do squats, calves raises, sit ups as well as leg raises.

Third Day Fitness Exercise
On this third day there are 4 kinds of fitness exercises you can do. Among them are lat pull down, bentover row, side lateral raise, and barbell shrug.

That's the fitness guide for beginners. To further facilitate you in running fitness activities. This application provides some sample images to do a good fitness and true. May be useful.

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