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In this app we have many pictures featuring DIY Hidden Storage Furniture Ideas. Many benefits of this application DIY Hidden Storage Furniture Ideas when you download, this free offline application can be downloaded in google playstore. Have 100 DIY drawings of Hidden Storage Furniture Ideas.

The application capacity is not too large so you still have plenty of room for your phone's memory. And lastly no need to use internet connection to run this application.

Here in this application provides many inspiration models and examples of how to store your stuff in a hidden place.

Application catalog:
- DIY hidden storage ideas
- DIY hidden storage headboard
- DIY hidden storage compartment
- DIY hidden storage shelf
- DIY hidden storage furniture
- DIY hidden storage mirror
- DIY hidden storage bed
- DIY hidden book storage
- DIY hidden shoe storage
- DIY hidden floor storage
- DIY hidden dvd storage
- Easy DIY hidden storage
- DIY hidden gun storage picture frame
- DIY hidden weapon storage

Get hundreds of hidden hidden storage here - With the hidden storage app can facilitate you in designing the layout on your home that many good items that are daily or essential. So in need of a special place that no one can know that is by making Hidden Storage.

In addition to being a hidden place so that others do not know it, by making Hidden Storage makes your home look neat with the absence of more messy goods.

Do you have a lot of valuables at home? What is the safest place for you to rely on to protect your valuables? Storage areas are often considered most assured because their security density is a safe. But there are many other storage places that can be guaranteed security, not only because of strong, but also deceptive and efficient place.

Here I will give tips on how to create a secret storage.

Materials and tools needed:
1. A book you will not use again for life
2. Strong ruler
3. A sharp cutter knife
4. Pencils / markers
5. Some friends
6. Patience
Note: for the select book you will not use again. In this example we use the smart book, because we do not need the book anymore. Because we already have something called internet and Google. Also because the paper from the smart book is quite thin, so easy to cut.

How it works:
1. Create a dividing line
The function of the dividing line is to make it easier for us to cut it with the cutter. Do not be too thin because it will easily damage the page.
2. Cutter the page
Start by cutting using the cutter to page after page according to the dividing line we have created. Use a ruler for help so that the results are neat and straight. Do this continuously page to page. Here the presence of a friend to replace us is needed, because it will make us tired
3. Repeat the second step 300 times.
Repeat until you get the depth of the hole you want. You can try it by entering your cigarette, lighter, or mobile phone
4. Give the protective duct tape.
Once done cutting the page using the page cutter and getting the desired depth, it's time to give the duct tape around it and the bottom of the page.

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