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If you have a three-wire setup in the single wall switch, you’ll need to get a more common, dual control that will operate a fan and light separately from a single switch. Heads up: having an electrician install a third wire can be expensive.

Ceiling fan remote controls can work up to 40 feet away from the actual ceiling fan—awesome!—but they can also increase efficiency by making it easier to dim lights, change speed settings and more. Best of all? They’re easy to install yourself.

At Beacon Lighting you'll find Australia's largest range of ceiling fans, from decorative styles to slimline designs that blend effortlessly into any interior. But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is the right fan for your room.

Ceiling fans have a reputation for being unattractive or unsophisticated, even if they are highly practical and energy efficient. Maybe ceiling fans are just misunderstood? If that's the case, then it's time to set the record straight on these whirling wonders.

Ceiling fan help maintain a constant temperature in the room to prevent the AC (or heater) from working too hard, thereby saving energy. With windows open, fans circulate the fresh air so "canned" air doesn't even have to be used.

We’ve made it easier to help you choose the perfect fan for your space. All of the fans display symbols indicating their use, if that be for indoor only, alfresco/outdoor or indoor, or indoor outdoor and costal use - making it easy to choose the fan that meets your needs.

Ceiling fan performance and energy savings rely heavily on the proper installation and use of the ceiling fan.This outlet box is mounted above the ceiling and also is the point where the fan is attached. This box houses all wiring needed to operate and connect the ceiling fan. If you are replacing a ceiling fixture, most likely you will need to replace the electrical box.

Much like inside rooms, a ceiling fan in exterior areas creates a relaxed ambience while keeping the area cool on those scorching days and steamy nights.An added bonus is that the breeze created by the ceiling fan makes it difficult for pesky mosquitos to fly, so everyone can enjoy mosquito free entertaining.

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