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Get the average fuel consumption of your car along the route. With the GPS, your smartphone becomes an onboard computer!

Unlike other applications that calculate the consumption based on the latest fueled, in diary form, this application calculates the fuel consumed using the complex equations of physics and chemistry of combustion combined with technical data from your vehicle such as weight, fuel type, size of engine cylinders, drag coefficient, etc...

No other equipment is necessary (as lm327 ODBii Interface) to collect data for the calculation of consumption. Only with GPS information is possible to estimate the power, torque and hence the energy consumed for a given path and also your way of driving: acceleration, braking, steep climbs, etc. ...

With this virtual board computer:

• Consumption is measured in kilometers per liter (km / l) or miles per gallon (mpg);
• The speed is reported in kilometers per hour (km / h) or miles per hour (mph);
• The distance is reported in kilometers (km) or miles (mi);
• The screen always stays on during the execution of the application;
• You can choose to use full screen;
• nine (9) color themes to choose from;
• Can be used in portrait or landscape mode ...

One can monitor the acceleration and braking in the form of a scale bar.

Avoid sudden acceleration or braking to save fuel!

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Digital Fuel Meter: Digifuel screenshot 1Digital Fuel Meter: Digifuel screenshot 2Digital Fuel Meter: Digifuel screenshot 3Digital Fuel Meter: Digifuel screenshot 4Digital Fuel Meter: Digifuel screenshot 5

Version History

Launched Nov 11, 2013 (about 5 years ago).
Nov 10
Version 1.7.6

- Fixed the absence of the virtual button 'menu' on devices without physical buttons like the Nexus 4;
- Improved algorithm for calculation of consumption in idle (stationary vehicle with engine running);
- Possibility to delete path from the list of Travel Diary.


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