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This application estimates your risk of cancer, subdivided into 26 types and based on 248 different risk factors described in the scientific literature.

To use this application, create an account and enter the requested information in the different tabs as accurately and completely as you can. All information that is requested will influence your risk for at least one type of cancer, so the more complete and accurate the information you enter, the more dependable the results. Age, gender and racial background are critical, all other information is optional. The results will appear after you have completed the last tab and can always be revisited by tapping your name. You can also edit the information you submitted to see how this influences your results.

The lifetime probabilities of developing cancers were based on USA data from the National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program, collected since 1973 and by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR), collected since 1995. These figures were adapted by the hazard ratios available in the published peer-reviewed literature. Only risk factors with a quantifiable risk were included. Risk factors requiring complex tests not available to the average clinician were excluded. Meta-analyses were given preference when available.

DISCLAIMER: This application is strictly educational and all information contained herein cannot and should not replace assessment by a physician. The evaluations presented represent our best efforts to conveniently assess cancer risk. However, as significant controversy and widely different study results can persist around the impact of even a single variable in a strictly selected population, this is based on a large number of assumptions, extrapolations and estimates. As not every study includes a multivariate analysis and the effect of some risk factors on certain cancers is so large their effect cannot be eliminated from basic probability, a bias toward overestimation of risk is possible. Furthermore, there is continuous progress in the scientific literature. Any figures should therefore be regarded as indicative, but not precise.
Any information you enter into this application will only be stored on your device and will never be sent to us or to any other party, for any reason.

All research and medical support for this application was done by Dr. Philippe Westerlinck, radiation oncologist and clinical chair at the University Hospital of Li├Ęge, superspecialising in gastro-intestinal, lung and breast cancers.

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Launched Feb 23, 2019 (24 days ago).

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Mar 13
Version 1.0.15

Fixed bugs in calculation of risks.

Mar 05
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Fixed BMI calculation with inches.

Feb 27
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Feb 23
Version 1.0.8

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