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Vehicle Logger is the easiest and simplest way to create, share and report vehicle log books for mileage, fuel, expenses, and tax purposes.

• GPS tracking or manual entry for vehicle mileage (either km or miles).
• Automated Car Bluetooth trip triggers. Tasker intent support.
• Home-screen widgets.
• Expense logging (Fuel, Tolls, Parking, Maintenance, Registration, etc).
• Club vehicle record keeping.
• Calendar integration, support for multiple vehicles, and quick trip description selection.
• Receipt capture, storage and reporting.

• Custom filtered Mileage Log Book or Expense reports.
• Upload directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more.
• Advanced Checkpoints, Distance alerts, Reminders and Quota monitoring.
• ATO, FBT, BAS, IRS, DVLA, formats and more.

• Upload directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more.
• Generate PDF compliant reports, or CSV data extracts.
• Reports can be sent directly to your work, tax accountant or financial specialist.

Have a suggestion or an interesting feature request? Let us know at support@michaelsoft.com.au

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Version History

Launched Mar 19, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Feb 08
Version 2.9.0

- New: Help and Support tools.
- Fixed: Text wrap on History page for long dates.
- Fixed: Decimal entries for French (or other languages which use a comma (,) separator).

Aug 11
Version 2.8.3

- Fixed: Crash for loading Expense Camera
- Fixed: Gallery/Images not loading on Android 7.0
- Tweaked: Upgraded Dropbox Integration

Jul 30
Version 2.8.2

- New: Help Centre library
- Fixed: Random crashes on some devices
- Tweaked: Fixed UI sizing for History list

Jan 04
Version 2.8.1

- New: Updated crop library and support (custom crop/zoom/rotate)
- New: Manual trips now remember previous odometer reading
- New: Trip description now remember on app restore
- New: Option to enable multiple tags

Nov 18
Version 2.8.0

- Fixed: Slow loading and crashes for large log books.
- Fixed: CSV report formatting issues with commas.
- New: Report date sorting options.

Aug 04
Version 2.7.3

- Updated: 'Clear Log Book' now also clears Expense items.
- Fixed: CSV report formatting issues with long date formats.
- Fixed: History list showing unrequired information.
- Fixed: Other small tweaks and fixes.

Jul 14
Version 2.7.2

- New: 'Client Expense' expense category
- New: Average Speed for History list.
- New: Option to remember last trip description (see Settings)
- Fix: Rounding issue on Expense reports.
- Fix: Issue with reciept image previews
- Fix: Various crashes
- Updated: Help Centre content

Jun 05
Version 2.7.1

- New: Time recorded for non-GPS trips.
- New: Option to change Trip Type for Bluetooth triggered trips.
- New: Option to add GPS distance offset for correcting invalid readings.
- Tweaked: Automatic Personal Trips now logged when all vehicles selected, but only one vehicle exists.
- Fixed: Random crashes in last release.
- Fixed: Decimal places still being shown in Odometer reading once disabled.
- Updated: Help Centre content

May 20
Version 2.7.0

May 07
Version 2.6.0

Mar 23
Version 2.4.0

Mar 12
Version 2.3.3

Mar 01
Version 2.3.2

Jan 18
Version Varies with device

Vehicle Log books. Track, log and manage vehicle records including trips, fuel, expenses and maintenance. Keep log books for tax, business or personal purposes? Easily generate reports ready for ATO, FBT, BAS, IRS, and more.

• Distance log book tracking (km or miles, GPS or manual, unlimited vehicles)
• Fuel, maintenance, registration and expense logging and reports
• Easy report generation and sharing options
• Advanced checkpoint tracking and reminders
• Device, cloud, bluetooth (soon), NFC (soon) integration
• and more!

Australian driver required to keep a logbook for tax purposes? Vehicle Logger will generate log books based on Australian Tax Office (ATO) requirements around the Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) or Business Activity Statements (BAS), in the format recommended by the ATO.
Simply Log, Generate, and Submit!

• Add new trips manually or using GPS tracking.
• Log days for Club memberships (and easily see your progress)
• Log Fuel consumption and cost
• Log maintenance/insurance/registration items
• Capture and store receipts against expense items
• Less taps, quicker trips. Start logging trips in no more than 3 taps!
• Advanced Reporting with report generation reminders (e.g. reminders to generate and submit your monthly logbook).
• Advanced Reporting with distance alerts and checkpoints (e.g. need at least 5000km logged each 6 months).
• Quick trip descriptions: Select a Calendar appointment, pre-defined Tag, or enter your own description on the fly.
• Don't worry about forgetting to stop the app, automatically timeout and complete trips when using GPS.
• Google Maps integration lets you easily review previous GPS logged trips.
• Maintain multiple Vehicles, and generate individual reports for each Vehicle.
• Maintain Tags for common trip descriptions.
• Tweak and review previous trips. Update, add missing ones, review trip paths, and more!
• Generate Australian Tax Office (ATO) Log Books for Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) claims directly from your device.
• Generate Tax/Work friendly Expense Reports
• Generate either PDF or CSV reports, with custom headers and data selections.
• Generate cost related reports (e.g. Fuel, Maintenance, Insurance premiums, etc).
• Instantly share reports through Email/Dropbox/Google Drive/Box/OneDrive (SkyDrive) (via Feature additions).
• Unlock more features for an even better experience.

Coming Soon:
• Advanced Reporting graph generation and data visualisation.
• Tasker Intent integration.

After more? Explore the Feature Manager in the app, and extend Vehicle Logger instantly with the following:
• Premium (unlock all current and future features!).
• Ad Free.
• Advanced Reporting with Checkpoints and Reminders.
• Expense reporting and Report generation.
• Cloud Backup and Restore (don't worry about losing data).
• Dropbox Integration for report sharing.
• Google Drive Integration for report sharing.
• Box Integration for report sharing.
• OneDrive (SkyDrive) Integration for report sharing.
• And more on the way!

Have a suggestion or an interesting add-on idea? Let us know at support@michaelsoft.com.au

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