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Back-decaying a radiopharmaceutical stat dose to see if there's enough left in the kit for a stat patient? Trying to find out if your generator is yielding as much activity as it should? Figuring out how much to shield a therapy patient so that you can transport them safely? Working through some exam practice questions and need verification of your results? Want to be able to do all this and more on the fly without having to crack out a pen and paper?

Nuke Med Calculator allows you to quickly and reliably perform many day-to-day calculations without the trouble of tables and serial calculations. It includes:

- A decay calculator that works for both forward and back decay, and is accurate to the minute
- An exposure calculator that allows you to vary time, distance, and shielding to ensure ALARA
- A generator yield calculator that gives accurate estimates for Mo-99/Tc99m generators by default, and lets you manually enter half-lives and branching ratios to work with less common generator systems
- A dose volume calculator that allows you either to quickly determine what volume needs to be drawn from a kit of given activity for each of the day's doses, or the amount of activity required at time of kit preparation to have enough to supply the day's doses
- A pediatric dose calculator, allowing for simple calculation of pediatric doses following the SNMMI's Image Gently(R) guidelines
- A radioactive iodine uptake (%RAIU) calculator, which is able to handle US or metric units and the decayed dose or standard dose methodology
- A simple, but handy,unit converter, allowing easy switching between US and metric measurements
- Tables of constant values, including half-lives, primary emissions, and exposure constants for many nuclides that are commonly used in NM

All calculators support the most commonly used nuclides in nuclear medicine.

If there is a feature or nuclide that you'd like to see, please leave a comment. As you'll notice, this an early version, so the interface is still quite basic; any feedback as to how it could be improved would also be greatly appreciated. Expect more polished versions soon!

Please note: this app is not meant to replace the expertise and experience of a qualified nuclear medicine technologist, radiologist, medical physicist, or NM protocol, but rather to complement and facilitate them. Do not use this calculator in patient-critical applications without verifying the calculations; while some effort has been taken to ensure the reliability of the calculators, they have not been formally validated. By installing and opening the app, you freely absolve the author of any responsibility in the case of any incident that may arise from the use or misuse of the app.

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Version History

Launched Feb 25, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 22 days, on average.

May 16
Version 1.91

A small bug fix.

May 09
Version 1.9

Apr 04
Version 1.5

Mar 10
Version Release

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